Basic Magical Supplies

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Basic Magical Supplies
Post # 1
So, I know this soudnds uh nooby but does anyone know what kind of basic magical (*Sparkles shine everywhere*) supplies I need.
I'm not talking like a chalice or anything like that.
I'm talking about basic herbs, crystals, oils, candles, etc.

Just some stuff I should always keep in stock in.
I'm buying myself some cheap jars from the dollar tree, filling those up with some basic supplies, and carrying them to the creek by my house. Yes, I have to practice in secret so my altar (Which is a tree stump) is by the creek and I'm going to find some nooks to put the jars in.

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Re: Basic Magical Supplies
Post # 2
Honestly, it all depends on what you want to do and where you want to go with your magic. I don't think there's anything you absolutely need, but I can think of a few recommended things. Here's my 'starter kit' list:
- A black candle and a white candle. These are just two basic colors that are also polar opposites. White candles can substitute many other colors during a ritual and can be charmed for any purpose. Black and white candles are often called for in rituals as well. These are just the two colors I would recommend, of course.
- A mirror. A small one or a handheld one will work just fine. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. An important part of an altar is the mirror, and you will find yourself using it in some rituals. It's optional, but I would recommend one. I have a medium sized one that fits into my altar box (I also have to hide my craft) and has a moon carved into the side. It was 25 cents at a thriftstore; cost doesn't matter, so don't worry about getting something nice until you have the ability to. Even a compact mirror will do.
- Amethyst. This is a pretty easy to find crystal. It's common in jewelry, and it's not that expensive, either- my local witch store sells polished ones a dollar a piece. I'd recommend a bracelet or necklace, as you won't have to hold on to it or worry about losing it. It will also look nice and match your outfit, probably (crystals go with everything, don't they?) Anyway, it's an important protector, and it also amplifies psychic power, as well as helping with sleep. It's my number one recommended stone.
- Some kind of protective incense/oil. I recommend stick incense, but in the end, it's up to you and your preferences. Sage and sandalwood work well (you can buy sage sticks, too. Good for cleansing your magical space as well.)
- A journal/"Book of Shadows"/Grimoire/whatever the heck you want to call it. You will want to record what you do, when you do it, and what you used. Trust me.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else; this is my basic beginner's list, though. Good luck!
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Re: Basic Magical Supplies
Post # 3

It depends on what you are studying. In general , I doubt you really need much.

If you decide to do herbalism , get some basic herbs and oils. This is something I don't do so I would suggest you just look at the Herbalism section. If you are not into it, then I would suggest not to bother.

Getting some candles would not hurt. Getting White is a good idea. It can be used for pretty much anything.

If you are interested in utilizing candles , try buying Blue, Yellow , Red , White and Black. Buy some in stick form and some that comes in mini containers. That way , you will have the tools to change the color of candles easily. Yellow and Blue? You get Green. It does not always work and the color may not look the exact shade you want but that's part of the fun of it and you can always keep trying. Different waxes may not mix too well either but it is more an experimental thing. You can keep unused wax in your cheap jars.

When I am in the mood for playing with a smaller fire , I would sometimes play with candles and mixing the colors. When I am in the mood for playing with a smaller fire , I just start mixing candle waxes in an attempt to change it's colors. Of course , it is not neccassary if you just choose to just buy a whole range of colors but I doubt you will need it.

For crystals , I doubt you would need it specifically at the moment but getting Clear Quartz as a generalist stone would not hurt either.

For elemental representations , you can fill transparent empty glass jars with burnt ashes , some dirt , some water etc. Since you live in a forested area , it should not be a problem.

I cannot really think of something that you will truly need. Even those that you mentioned , unless you are specifically studying a topic that demands it , you do not really need it either. At most , get a bunch of white candles and clear quartz and you are pretty much set. The rest I am sure you can easily find substitutes.

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