Need Some Help/Advice !

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Need Some Help/Advice !
Post # 1
I have always been interested in magick since I found out my great grandmother was a princess for a local tribe here in Ontario Canada. I remember she had a giant family tree going far back painted on her living room wall. She had all these artifacts,drums,headresses,bows&arrors, but when she passed. Her family painted over the tree, sold everything an never looked back! Some of my family dosent even speak about her anymore.

I have no idea where to start with magic. Becaues they are all so different. A few friends pointed me to research some stuff on john dee and then aleister crowley. But then I hear from other people that I should be reading about voodoo, Then someone told me to try the kabbalah, Then wiccan. I just dont know where to start and its all overwhelming .

With all this information, different techniques and different religions and what if I pick one study it for years then nothing happends, so how do I know which craft will work?

also for spells working, how do they work, and the force that makes the spells work are they the same for all the other religions?

I have seen spirits/ghosts from time to time, they have interacted with me as well. I also have always loved dreams, I have had sleep paralysis, I do lucid dream, and get dejavu alot. My dreams do come true and my dreams is another reason why Im here looking for anwsers an a new start. Becaues I would love to figure out the source behind them an see if I can make my prophetic dreams happen more or distinguish them from my dream dreams!

can anyone help,
point me in some direction?
or advice please ?
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Re: Need Some Help/Advice !
Post # 2
Sorry instead of religions I should have put what spritual path to follow! thank you !
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Re: Need Some Help/Advice !
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
If your ancestor has inspired you to pick up magick, than honoring your ancestor is where you should begin! For as long as we know it, humans have been honoring their ancestors in ritual and practice. For many magick and spiritual traditions this plays a pivotal role in their lives.

A wonderful magick practitioner I know has recently written a beautiful piece on ancestoral work that may help you greatly. It's a phenomenal blog.
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Re: Need Some Help/Advice !
Post # 4

Thank you so much!

I cant ever get any real help here,

I dont know where to start, what to follow, where to begin!

whats going to work, what if I follow a path that is all hocus pocus!

My anexity is taking over, but you do have an excellent point!

I talked to a few native friends about my great grandmother an they laughed,

and basically made fun of me !

but I think I should look into this, an this path she was on and finish it in her honor!

its just some of it is very intensive, an alot of native people dont want to share there

knowledge or help anyone out but family, especially here !

thank for the advice an ill be reading this article before bed :)!

does anybody else have any advice or anwsers for me regarding what I need help with? please and thank you!

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