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New discovery
Post # 1
Hello everybody,
I'm a young person who just discovered witchcraft. My family are very traditional in the aspect of witchcraft and they say all paranormal things are not real. Paranormal includes witchcraft, fortune telling etc... I don't know if I use the term correctly. But, that's why I'm here to learn.
Growing up I didn't believe in magic. Fortune telling was a scam, Tarots were a fake and magic was too much fantasy. I even laughed with people who talked about magic. When I was back in elementary school someone in our class had a family who were superstitious. And he was as well. I was a friend of him. So he gave me a Talisman which should bring good luck. When I brought it home, my parents took it and threw it away. They laughed with me for accepting it. Since that day I never wanted to have anything to do with witchcraft or magic. I was only 7 years old. Me and my friends never talked anymore. I was a bad person. I shouldn't have dumped him.
BTW, anyone know what kind of talisman that was? It was a small bottle, very small bottle, filled with some type of water. In the water where stones and other minerals floating. I never understood why stones floated anyway ;) I would like to know what kind of talisman that was?
Further to my life story ;)
When I was 8 years old a lady from some area in western Africa married a friend of my father. So she came home a lot. She was into some type of Voodoo/Hoodoo magic. I'm not sure, but that's what her friend said it was. She was very serious about here magic. She also did fortune telling. She even told different fortunes which came to be true. She did even who had been with us the day before, without she could know. She also told us who was going to come at which particular day. And every prediction came true. My father said it was just pure luck. So I believed him.
One day she called us and said she had to come over quickly. My parents said it was okay. So she came over. She ran up to me and looked me straight in the eyes. She keeled down and held my arms. I can still remember that look. It was like she was looking into my soul. She stood up and talked to my parents. I wasn't allowed to hear. But I know something was wrong. The sneaky me :) did want to hear what was going to be said. So I listened with ear to the door. She told them that she had seen in a dream that I was going to get an accident. A car was going to run over me. My parents became angry at her and said that she can't say that kind of stuff. She stayed calm and confident. I need to protect him with a spell which I learned from my master back in Africa she said. My parents did not want to allow her. So she convinced them. She told my father things from his youth that nobody knew about. And she told my mother a secret about my grandfather that only she knew about. They became convinced. And told her she could do the spell. I was to lay in bed and stay calm. She took out a kind of bible, holy bible I guess. Which was written partly in English and partly in her language. She started singing, dancing and reading things from it around my bed. When my parents were out she told me this: You are special, you are born like us. You can do the same things as I can, as my master can and as many others. But your parents will never believe in it. Keep it a secret. And you'll be safe. Those were the thing I remember she said to me. A few days later she became so sick because she cast this protection around that she had to travel back to Africa to meet her master. A few months later she came back. Nothing happened to me. And a few weeks later she divorced my fathers friend so we never saw her again.
My parents said she was wrong, because nothing happened to me. I believe she protected me from fate.
Another woman who also was interested in fortune telling using Tarot cards, told my parents that I could speak to the death. We did not much bother it. I still didn't believe in magic or witchcraft,
When I was 9 years old I had a dream about a house in the mountains. I felt like an eagle flying over the mountains and looking down upon the house. I first thought of it as a dream. The weird thing was that I had control over my dreams. I've always had. It's like I life a second life at night in the dream world. I thought it was normal :)
When I was 10 years old, my parents decided to move to another country. So we moved. We moved to the house I dreamed of. Very weird, I got goosebumps. There was also an eagles nest on the top of the mountain we lived near.
So I began to doubt about the existence of the paranormal. The existence of magic and witchcraft. Growing up in my teenage years I've developed the skill to fully control my dreams and learn to understand them. Most dreams I do understand some I don't. Many of my dreams come true. The only problem is, I don't know when. But when it's an event, then I can tell by the things happening that the event has started. So I'll know what's following. I can't talk about it with parents, nor my friends. So I seek guidance and assistance on this site.
I've some life questions that need answering.
Can I speak with the death? How?
Do I have the same skills as the African woman?
Why did she worry so much about me?
Can I predict the future?
Thanks for reading,
And if you wanna help, just contact me.
I'm very open minded. Fate has shown me the truth about witchcraft.
I've developed a skill which I didn't believe in. So I've got no other choice than to be open minded.
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Re: New discovery
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There is nothing paranormal about witchcraft. It is a craft. As natural as breathing.
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Re: New discovery
Post # 3
Okay, thanks for informing me. I don't know the correct terminology yet. I hope you understand.
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