Banishment Spell?

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Banishment Spell?
Post # 1
I'm hoping that you can help me or guide me in the right direction. With that being said I'm going to give you the full story of my situation. Hopefully you don't mind me telling you my background. Almost 5 years ago I met a guy online. I fell instantly in love with him and I felt this connection just as he did. However, I never met him in person as we just communicated online, texts, FaceTime, and phone. Even though I had the desire to see him in person and be with them I always pushed it off. I pushed it off because my education was more important and I was afraid that he would interfere with it if he was with me. Now that I'm almost done with my education, I feel more ready to start this relationship. I was ready for this relationship to fully start by him and I seeing each other.

I kept begging him for him to see me and I got excuses left and right. Then two Wednesdays ago he shows up knocking on my door after I gave him an ultimatum and. I told him that if he doesn't see me by Thursday, September 24 then he and I were over and that I will stop all communications with him. So on Wednesday, September 23 he shows up knocking on my door. We go out and I was elated that he was here. However this is where things start going downhill. Since he's been here I've discovered that he's lied about a lot of things. Which he confessed to me. However I feel like there's more lies that he is not being upfront about. One of the lies was that he lived in a town not too far from where I live. Although I knew with my instinct that was all bullshit. I always had the feeling that he lived in New Jersey. Sure enough when he shows up to my house I find out that he drove 14 1/2 hours From New Jersey to Wisconsin. I feel trapped and that he won't leave. Sure I was ecstatic the first couple days that he was here until all these lies have unraveled. Now I'm disgusted and I want him gone. I've tried breaking up with him , Offering him money to go back home to New Jersey because he states he has nothing, and I've tried kicking him out but there's no shelters that will take him in. I feel like he came at a really bad time and it's really stressing me out. Not only that but I find myself fantasizing about another guy that I'm attracted to. Obviously upon reflection, I find that I'm not in love with my current boyfriend and that I'm strongly drawn to this other guy that doesn't even know I have feelings for him. Also, this guy that I am strongly attracted to lives in a town nearby me so we run into each other every once in a whille and chat briefly. But I feel this strong and intense force drawing me to him. The problem is I want to get rid of my current boyfriend but he has no money no nothing to get in his own place or go back home to New Jersey. He is stuck living at my home which is causing me complete stress. All I want is for him to go without any drama, embarrassment, or additional stressors that will harm me or my family. As well as I would Love to understand this intense attraction I have with this other man.

I am so sorry for the lengthy message. I just don't know what to do and what you suggest is in my best interest. I've never banishment spell before and I don't want karma kicking my ass. I'm ready to make positive changes in my life but I feel stuck. I'm hoping you can help guide me in the right direction. Again I am deeply sorry for this lengthy message but I find you extremely fascinating and you're witchy scopes appear to be a right on with my life.

Please help me!!!!
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Re: Banishment Spell?
Post # 2
If you're worried about banishment being a bit harsh on the karma side, perhaps you'd be more comfortable with a gentle binding spell, perhaps combined with a wish for him to find happiness and security for himself, which he won't find with you.
It might feel wierd to summon kind feelings if someone is invading your life, but this kind of push is gentle, and in line with good karma, and made stronger for being a little harder.
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Re: Banishment Spell?
Post # 3
Thanks for replying. However, do you have any suggestions on a binding spell? I literally am in dire need to get this guy the hell out of my life. I need something that will work.
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Re: Banishment Spell?
Post # 4
All I can suggest is you search the spells section on the site, or for other forum posts on the same topic. Personally I like binding spells that use knots, like, knot a ribbon three times, with a colour corresponding to the kind of binding. Pink, for romantic love might be a nice one. The important thing is that the action you perform is symbolic of the effect you want to create. I'd also suggest to write your own spell or chant, for extra personal power. Hope you get the results you're looking for :)
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