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Beginner here
Post # 1
How does one cast a spell? And is there any alternatives or substitutions for candles? I'm not allowed to have them because my parent's apartment before I was born caught on fire started by a candle. Ever since then they've been banned in my household.
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Re: Beginner here
Post # 2

You can try Electric Candles. I personally hate using technology in my physical workings but that will work.

A Wand or a Matchstick will go along nicely as symbols and representations for fire. The thing is that there are many things you can use for subsitutes , such as an unlighted piece of charcoal for Fire , a dagger or feather for air , a fistful of dirt , soil or salt for earth etc.

Oh yeah , try having a Flaming Shot! You can drink it after you are done with your ritual movement of materials!


I personally LOVE FIRE!

I play with it very often especially after a long day of work. So here are some ways you can get around the "No Candles" rule. Well , actually Fire would still be used but candles are not neccassary.

  1. Take a few sheets of aluminium foil and some charcoal. Place it on the aluminium foil and Light it on Fire! There , you can use that as a subsitute for candles in your working! I personally love doing this. I just place it on my desk , relax on a comfortable chair and watch it burn. I have a jug of water by my desk so I can always put it out if I want to. I sometimes dip my hand in water , and wave it through the fire a few times just because I can and sometimes I even play music while tossing in other flammables! It is really fun.
  2. Take like 10 sheets of paper. Crush one of them into a ball. Take another sheet of paper and wrap it around that ball. Before wrapping , add a few matches and some wax. Wrap it up. Rinse and Repeat until out of materials. Take some perfume or preferably deodarant and let it spray. Hold a lighter under it. Soon , you literally will have a ball of fire!
  3. Don't feel like doing the dishes after eating? Either wrap the dish in a plastic bag before using it or pass it through the flames! It depends on the food though and material of the dish though , it may not be suitable.
  4. Take some flammable liquids and add it to some moist wood with some cloth on it. Now burn it with Fire! Try holding some of the flammable liquid in your mouth and spit it onto the flames! Remember to make sure that whatever you put in your mouth is safe! Also , remember to spit it out in bursts! Or else the flames will travel into your mouth! And you will need to go to a hospital.
  5. Try having a Flaming Shot in your working. The best thing is that you can drink the alcohol when you are done! It is fantastic!

I personally love playing with fire once I get tired of using the computer. The lists contains some of the things I do.. It should help you get some inspiration to get around the "No Candles Rule". The important thing though is to play safely.

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Re: Beginner here
Post # 3

Wait , I just took a look at your profile and realized you are 16. Just ignore the list and the flaming shot suggestion.

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Re: Beginner here
Post # 4
Ya. Drunk Magick is against the law. And we dont want none of that. Haha. Nonetheless that was very informative idea thank you.
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Re: Beginner here
Post # 5
For casting spells make sure you have the basics down if you want to know what the basics are its in the fourms under basics expanded. Also do some research behind the spell make sure you under the pros and cons of every spell you are trying to cast. As for candels there are two great artucles one under candle magic the other under moon phases i would recommend reading both. Hope this helps.

Blessed be
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Re: Beginner here
Post # 6

The thing is that Alcohol itself is flammable and so long as the alcohol percentage is high enough , such as 70-80 proof and above , it will most likely light. So Tequilla and Vodka would be able to be lighted.

Google it if you are interested and be careful not to burn yourself.

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Re: Beginner here
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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