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Post # 1
Well, I have been going to some open circles in my neighborhood and have found a coven that might be open to accepting new members. They are offering traditional year and a day training. I very much would like to join this coven and become an official Wiccan, but am in the middle of a very challenging graduate school program. Apart from that it is very possible that following graduation I will have to move to a different state. I would hope that wherever I end up, it will not be difficult to find other groups I could join. But I don't want to join this group and then find out that I don't have enough time to commit to it. She says that it will be a very traditional, and judging from what is posted on the website, it appears there is quite a bit of reading to do. Maybe I could ask them if they will still be accepting new members two years from now when I will be DONE with school. Of course then there will be work.

I don't know. Do you all think I should apply to join, or should I wait. I am very busy with school now, but in the future I might be equally busy with other commitments. I mostly work with stones and herbs and oils.
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Re: Covens
Post # 2

School comes first. Surely there will be other groups in the world you will be able to join. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be leading your own group. Good luck.

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Re: Covens
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I would focus on my school. While a coven is nice you can be solitary to fit your schedule. If a coven is meant to be you will return to it. Try meditating or asking the Lord and Lady for guidance. There's also websites to help you find local covens and you could ask if they have any sister covens in the area you're planning on moving to.
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Re: Covens
Post # 4
Well, I had kind of decided to focus on school already, I just wanted to see if anyone had a different suggestion. I should be done with school in a year and a half anyway.
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