Keeping faith?

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Keeping faith?
Post # 1
So, I've never been the person that has to rely on science for proof of everything. If I truly believed in it, I would never second guess myself. But here lately in science class we've been learning about evolution and what's real and fake and I've been questioning my beliefs. The thing is though, is I know I'm not an atheist because I just can't believe evolution is how humans were created or that we'll ever know how we came to be on this earth. But how can I believe in deities (gods and goddesses) if their is no actual proof of them. I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm simply just looking for advice. Thx for your time.
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Re: Keeping faith?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Considering the vast amount of evidence, there is no question to the fact of evolution, or of much of the history of the universe. Science is constantly seeking provable answers for things. When science is proven wrong, it is either because new information proved something else true, or the current knowledge is proven to be not completely true (disproved to at least some level).

However, this is where faith and fact can mingle to some extent: There is no way to prove that if some higher beings exist, they did not have a hand in directing some things. It does, with some, bring so many more questions, but there seem to be as many deities as there are possibilities of how any may or may not have influenced the development of the universe.

It's why faith is belief without evidence.
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Re: Keeping faith?
Post # 3
That was actually really helpful, thank you
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Re: Keeping faith?
Post # 4

The National Center for Education in Science found in a survey that 99.9 percent of scientists accept evolution as the best explanation for how humans came into existance. These aren't just biologists and paleontologists, but all kinds of scientists whose job it is to think critically and weigh evidence without the bias of wishful thinking.

I advise you to not take anyone's word about what gods are or put faith in scripture, but instead draw from your own experiences and examine a large number of traditions. Pagan myths, the Bible, and other sacred scripture have been written and adapted by humans over a long period of time, so it is not suprising that some may have embellished or altered the original stories. Some argue that humans created gods as a way to identify with the forces of nature and human concepts on a personal level. Notice how gods tend to look like humans or animals that have meaning to humans? As humans, we like to feel special. It follows that we would create the gods in our image as this would make us feel empowered. If you like, you can still be a pagan recognise them for what they are without the superstition. The myths don't have to be taken literally.

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