Dark poet alert right her

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Dark poet alert right her
Post # 1
hey. My name is DarkMelody. Im a dark poet. I wanna learn to cast fire spells. I dont really care who you are unless you hate the devil himself. I serve the devil. I write dark poems because of this. Im very superstitious. I think my meaning has something to do with the devil but im not sure. I want help finding a spell to find out what i am and who i am. Im a newbie. If theres a warning on a type of spell then i will pay attention to do it for i know magic (especially black magic) is not something to fool around with. I am very young that is the only hint of my age i will ever give you. And i stand up for what i beleving. Like the wolf because if allthe wolves die then i die. Because its like i have a million souls and each time a wolf dies so does one of my souls. This is all your gonna learn bout me. ill gladly chat with you.
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Re: Dark poet alert right her
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Indeed you are very young. Proof of that lies within your entire post. You probably grew up Christian, as you keep referring to the devil. True magick has no color. The colors are only a label. It all is within the intent of what you are doing. I'm not understanding the wolf thing, unless you refer to werewolves, which don't exist.
If you want to learn magick, you must put in the work to gain the knowledge. Go to forums. In the General Info section, find Starting Out and Basics Expanded. These are great for the beginner. Read, study, learn, then practice what you've learned. Good luck and good reading!
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Re: Dark poet alert right her
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I would agree with the above users first few sentences. You may be interested in the Werewolf path which is a form of Satanism; however I don't believe it is what you think. It is possible you have a spiritual connection to the wolf; however that doesn't mean your a satanist.
Best of luck.
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Re: Dark poet alert right her
Post # 4
Hmmm interesting you say satan is your interest as so for dark magic .... And you want to know who you are?

Well as for Satan if you are a follower then I assume you've already taken the first steps which is the Dedication Ritual...

If not then you need to preform one immediately for following satan an preforming any rituals using words of power van be dangerous with out Lord Satans protection an for that you must initiate with him to attain such protection.

Once you've done that the next step is building an Astral Temple.

In this you make ask Satan who you are, and I'm sure he would show you.
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