Magick or coincidence

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Magick or coincidence

Magick or coincidence
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Once over 30 years ago, I had moved to a large city by myself I was still a teenager. I was wild and running the streets and for some reason this night I decided to carry a ice pick with me, this is kind of personal and I hope that it doesn't offend anyone, but I got in a car with this guy and he decided to rape my, so in the process of this terrible act I pulled out the icepick and stuck him in the back with it. He jumped up and immediately started to pounding on my face with his fist asking me where the icepick was and he started looking for it fiercely but couldn't find it. I was scared to death because I knew that if he would have found it he probably would have killed me, after awhile after he couldn't find it he decided to let me out of the car and as I was getting out I saw the icepick. Is this just a coincidence?
Another incident is when I was still "out there" I was living with this guy and I had gotten a phone call from another guy at his lady friends house right across from us because we didn't have a phone, so I go an answer the phone, afterwards I go back to the house and my "so called" boyfriend pulled a pistol out on me and points it directly at my head, so I put my hand up to protect myself and he shoots, my thumb catches the bullet and it lodges in the wall behind me, is this coincidence or not? I thank you in advance if you read this and reply to it.

Blessed be
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Re: Magick or coincidence
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Sounds like with both those instances you are lucky to be here, but I don't see any evidence of magic. With the first it would be easy to loose track of the ice pick. You would be surprised of the kind of things that you can miss in a stressful situation. With the second, there are again many explanations. I would chalk it up to poor trigger pull and control of the weapon. Not that I am criticizing, of course. I'm very glad he had poor control.

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Re: Magick or coincidence
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you so much for replying Tireofgaggs at least I got another opinion of the situations.

Blessed be
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Re: Magick or coincidence
Post # 4
I would say coincidence, luck, fate, destiny, and God are all the same thing. I'm glad you were (somewhat) lucky.
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