Energy Sources

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Energy Sources
Post # 1
Hi guys, so I'm a little bit confused about sources of energy. I've read some people get their energy from the stars, others produce their own. Some pull it from nature, and some use candles. Is there a certain energy source to start with? Or you decide for yourself what energy source you use. I'm highly attuned to crystals and minerals, but am unsure whether that's a reliable source for energy. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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Re: Energy Sources
Post # 2
First: Your body has energy. All the seven bodies (of the seven types of matter) has energy. Accumulates on a daily basis both energy dense (depending on what you do and other factors). As subtle energy from good thoughts and similar practices. The question of energy is broad: it is present everywhere. For a certain kind of energy is needed to be in tune with it. Here I open a parallel the various ways of obtaining: by energy drain other people, by extraction of an environment, for gems that has a magnetic and magical power itself etc.
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Re: Energy Sources
Post # 3
Energy is all around as well as within in us. The use of meditation and visualization you learn to focus it. The use of crystals, candles and the elements help focus it and amplify it. Some stones are receptive others projective.
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Re: Energy Sources
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Are you talking about the energy for spellwork? It's everywhere and in everything, you could start with crystals if it's easier for you, look into grounding and charging to get the basic feel/flow of the energy. There's this one exercise I heard of I've been meaning to try. Place some items on a table then close your eyes [or blind fold yourself] and slowly reach for each item. Go slow and as you get closer to the object you should feel a bit of a resistance from their energy. [Try and avoid breakable items.] I also recommend you find some books/articles on the subject of energy and magick and read them for a better understanding because there are various types of energy and it can get confusing.
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