Guarding Angel?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Guarding Angel?

Guarding Angel?
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Mmkay, so I got an email from a Psychic who says he talks to angels.

It got me there anything to this whole guardian angel thing?

If so, how do you determine which one is yours or by means of summoning them or asking for their help/guidance?
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Re: Guarding Angel?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Anybody who talks to angels is either lying, or in need of psychiatric help!
The idea of a Guardian Angel is a Catholic concept to explain the "conscience"; the difference between right and wrong,and the feeling of "guilt". All Catholic children are taught that everybody has a Guardian Angel; the adults then realize it means "the conscience".
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Re: Guarding Angel?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
That is one explanation of the guardian angel, but there are numerous cultures that possess similar concepts. Frequently, the "Guardian angel" isn't so much an idea of a being of conscience as is popularly depicted in modern mythology, but more an aspect of one's being not unlike the subconscious. The Golden Dawn places much value in various rituals involving the "High Guardian Angel," and there are many other similar practices. Beyond that, there is also Enochian practice, which stems from John Dee and Edward Kelly's practice of angel communication, divination, and the like. Frankly, in my opinion, after having done much research on the subject, I find that their motivations and results are suspect. But in modern practice many folks use Enochian methods within their own practices and believe they achieve results.
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Re: Guarding Angel?
Post # 4
I must be in need of psychiatric help, because I'm not lying when I state I converse with angels.

As for guardian angels, it is a tough topic, the original catholic idea is not the one which is prevalent in the magical community, the Golden Dawn's conception, or rather adoption, of the Abramelin idea is.

The idea of a loving angel which cares for you is part of the new-age movement, I personally think they are wrong and have stolen from valid magical traditions, watered it down, added some sugar, and just generally damaged the reputation of angels and mediumship. Angels are not always loving beings, they have never been portrayed as such until God wasn't enough, people wanted love, and they projected this on to a lovely winged person in white robes.

As for a discussion on angels which touches upon the subconscious materialisation of entities, objective angels and gods, and the difference between the two I recommend Crowley's letter from "Magick without Tears" written near the end of his life when he gained more sense:
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Re: Guarding Angel?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Whether one has a guardian angel depends on your particular belief system. There are many who believe that each of us has a guardian angel assigned to us. Others, such as myself, neither believe in angels nor in the concept of guardian angels. So the important thing to ask yourself is whether you believe in the concept or not and then go from there.

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Re: Guarding Angel?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Anybody may believe whatever they wish to believe. But a belief does not make it true!
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Re: Guarding Angel?
Post # 7
No, I don't proclaim beliefs to be true, I am not the sort to shove things in people's face. But, what is written above is a false dichotomy: that there are only two explanations for people who state they talk to angels: They are either liars, or they are psychologically unstable/ deluded.

Most of the people on this site believe in Gods, most of them converse with their Gods. Angels are just another category of spiritual being and to proclaim that anyone who speaks to them is lying or mentally ill causes the same assumptions to be possibly directed at everyone else who proclaims it for other spiritual beings.

Perhaps most of the people here are liars or crazy, or perhaps both. I feel quite sane and function fairly well in the normal world, I also don't have a reason to lie. I couldn't care less if anyone believes me or not, I'm in to occultism for personal reason not to proclaim anything spectacular nor to convert.

So whilst I can't prove my belief as true, your belief that everyone who states such things are either lying or psychologically deluded is equally unfounded. And yes, it is a belief because it is not supported by cold hard facts, rather interpretive data of a small statistic.

Now, I would have mentioned other possible explanations other than crazy and lying to back up my point, but in all honesty there is no use and I have no desire nor need to prove anything to anyone.

I just feel irked and also know most people don't state opinions on here or retort back towards people considered as authority. I've never been one for keeping my head down and not saying boo to a goose. In this case, I humbly disagree and feel as though you are not only making false accusations and diagnoses about me but more than half of the practitioners on here, and I'm talking actual practitioners.

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