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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Halloween

Post # 1
I pose a question to all of you: How old is too old for Halloween?
I personally think that since parties aren't much of a thing anymore, all that's left is trick or treating and scaring people. Alas, it breaks my little black heart to hear people say "you're too old!" Like come on, if they put effort into the costume (not wearing just a mask) they deserve to have fun. I've seen teenagers with epic costumes get cursed and yelled at for trying to trick or treat or scare some people. Its just going out at night with friends and eating candy. Isn't that what teenagers do?
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Re: Halloween
Post # 2
Its in the eye of the beholder. If you wish to tick or treat, then I see go out and do it. There will be a time when you wont be able to do it anymore and this is when you should who you are while you know who you are.
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Re: Halloween
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Trick or Treating is an American "game" that came to Britain via Hollywood, and is now a menace to peaceful law and order.
Young children come to the door with at least one parent.The idea seems to be, if the costume is frightening enough, the child gets a treat; to save the householder being "punished". In other words he/she is "tricked" into giving a treat. And that seems to be all good fun for the very young. It's the older kids that are the trouble! They often cause serious damage!
In any case, Halloween "tricks" have nothing to do with the serious Sabat of Samhain; and shouldn't even be discussed on a site such as this one!
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Re: Halloween
Post # 4
I think that as long as your not over 20 you can trick or treat
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Re: Halloween
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I have to agree with Brysing. I feel like the question is irrelevent for a site like this.
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Re: Halloween
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Regarding Halloween trick or treating, so long as you have a costume I feel you can go out. Sadly, many people see someone as 'too old' and won't give them candy. [My one friends mom doesn't give candy out to anyone over 10] it's a fun thing to do and you should be able to do it until you feel you've grown out of it. But Halloween is more than just 'trick or treating' have you read into the history? Trick or treating isn't all that old. You could make new traditions like going to haunted houses or corn mazes. [I read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow every year] plus you can still dress up, eat candy, carve pumpkins, and do whatever else you like about the holiday.

Now as it's mentioned Samhain is a pagan holiday and many feel insulted by the way modern culture has hijacked it. I feel there's a way both can live in balance, but all these questions about how to celebrate as you grow up are things you should figure out. I loved trick or treating as a kid, in my teens I went out for free candy then had an all night Samhain celebration with my coven, and now I just celebrate Samhain. [Of course decorating the house and dressing up is always fun, and if you want candy, go to the store November 1, discount candy day is adult trick or treating lol]
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