Fictitious Demands

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Fictitious Demands
Post # 1
Fellow members,
In as much as this website serves as an avenue ti help each-other move ahead in the beautiful Journey of spells and magic, i strongly believe that we should use the website as it has been pre-planned by its founders.. i say this because it has become really annoying to find members bring up some make believe stories and fictitious scripts fit for a hollywood movie here and make you in the quest to helping a friend go the extra mile sometimes digging up magic archives to assist a neigbour.. it is really unfriendly to find out eventually that your effort were just to satisfy someone who was out for a JOKE!

I have to say this, alot of people here have been with magic for years and know exactly what they talk about.. and will never be happy if you fool them..
Please let us be friendly in actions here so as to make this community achieve its goals!

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Re: Fictitious Demands
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Its quite difficult for ones who have been involved in magic to be fooled. They know their stuff and have research embedded in their knowledge to back themselves up. Its not hard to determine what is "fluff" and what has been tradition practiced for countless years. And your right, there is no sense in going the "extra mile" to help someone on their path, when the path is fabricated by Hollywood imagination. The only way to help these people, is to guide them in a more realistic and tradition path, and let them go from there.

I do have to ask how you put out effort for someone that was just all about a "joke"?...
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Re: Fictitious Demands
Post # 3

Perhaps their story was somewhat believable, or it was someone they trusted. I was tricked myself a few years back.(because I wanted so badly to believe them, as they were a long time friend.)

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