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Familiar Help
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Hello. I have a question about a familiar I think may be mine. I'd like to apologize for the extremely long message.

A few months ago I had preformed a spell I found on this website ( lls/conjuring_spells/17212/page.html) to conjure a cat familiar.

Now I will admit that at the time I was doing it out of boredom like any other teen and I wasn't fully aware of what I was performing.

So as the spell stated I drew my ideal cat on a blank sheet of paper and put it under my pillow. But as I did so I forgot that I had used pastels to make and color the drawing. By the time I woke up in the morning the black pastel used before was all smudged, creating white spots, and gray coloring for the fur.

I eventually threw the paper away two weeks later I believe. Not thinking much of it.

But then a month later a pregnant queen gave birth to a litter in my backyard. Now I know most say that the familiar is a energy or some sort of astral projection instead of a physical creature, but as I kept an eye on the whole litter as they grew and made their own homes in the neighborhood, one caught my eye.

We used to call the cat Gandolf, and assumed it was a boy as it was the biggest of the litter when it was a few weeks old. But now as I looked at it next to it's other litter mates she's small and petite. And her fur coloring became lighter as well, a grayish color with the same EXACT white spots as the drawing I made.

It was just a regular day no was out helping my mum get my brothers wheelchair on the car when I looked over and Gandolf was on the over side of the street watching me and I caught her eye. It was like all the memory of what I did for the spell came rushing in and I even had a sharp pain as it happened.

After that another couple weeks passed by. I even voiced my concern to my mum the other day and her first reaction was ''So that's why she always watching our yard.''

Which is true. Ever since Gandolf was old enough she claimed our backyard from her litter mates. I've seen the fights that happened to protect her territory. Her favorite spot to keep an eye on things is on our fence, especially a corner across from my bedroom window. My mum even took note that Gandolf always seems regal like, the exact term I wrote down on the spell paper as the familiars personality.

Now I ask--would she be my familiar? Do I take her I to my home, even though she's grown up against humans and usually afraid of them.

I wen tested a theory I had. The name i put in the paper for the spell was Midnight. One day she was across the street from me and I focused, trying to go into a semi Meditive state, and whispered as well as thinking to project my thoughts ''Midnight come to me''. At the same exact moment she looked up and ears perked she stood up and was about to cross over the street I believe. But then a car zoomed by breaking my focus and she just stared at me and then trotted the opposite way.

Have an amazing day,
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Re: Familiar Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

he idea that a pet is the same as a familiar came from the centuries when poor women who had only a pet for company were often accused of being Witches.. It has continued in modern times because of the crop of poorly researched books on the market these days. But the fact of the matter is that our beloved pets and a Witch's familiar are very, very different things.

A Witch's familiar is an animal spirit or a magical construct created by the Witch or the Magician as an adjunct to their magical workings, as a repository for power, and if needed as a defense against magical attack from another magic user. A Witch or a magician can draw upon the energies of the familiar when they need an extra boost of energy in a magical working. Conceivably if the spell is important enough, the Witch could completely drain the familiar of energy causing it to "die" or cease to exist. And in the case of a magical attack, the attack could be diverted to the familiar so that it would be the familiar which is destroyed rather than the magic user. None of these are things that I think any of us would want to do with our pets.

There is an excellent article on familars here:

Animals are very sensitive to the energies around them and they may be drawn to us when we are working magic because they can sense the energy. They also want to be around their people, which again will make them want to be where we are..and that may be where we are doing magic. Neither of these things makes the animal a familiar or inherently magical in and of itself.

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Re: Familiar Help
Post # 3
It sounds to me as if there's definitely something spiritual happening...

Did you know the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as magical creatures?
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Re: Familiar Help
Post # 4

Yes I have actually! They were worshipped because of the fertility goddess Baste right?
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Re: Familiar Help
Post # 5
not sure...I assume so?
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Re: Familiar Help
Post # 6
If what you say is 100% truth, it does sound pretty interesting.. I think you should try approaching the cat a few times and see the reaction. :)
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