Which God/ddess to work?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Which God/ddess to work?

Which God/ddess to work?
Post # 1
I'm looking for particular Gods or Goddesses to work with but I don't know any, could you help me?

Eg, I want to work a lot with Goddess Kali.. I feel really really connected to her! But how will I work with her, and when people say "work with dieties" what do they actually mean??

Do you reccomend me any other dieties to work with? And how will I work with them?? Thank you everyone. :)
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Re: Which God/ddess to work?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

There is a great book that discusses how to create a relationship with a Deity and how to work with them so they can aid you and you can honor them called "Devoted To You" by Judy Harrow. I think you'd find it very useful.

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Re: Which God/ddess to work?
Post # 3
Also its good to study as many paths and traditions you can
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Re: Which God/ddess to work?
Post # 4

Personally, I'd study the tradition and culture she comes from and approach her in a way that is specific to her worship. Whenever you go to a god, goddess, spirit, etc, in a tradition/culture that isn't theirs, you may find that the version of them you get is vastly different from their traditional worshipers.

You may also get a very, very negative reaction from that being, as you've insulted them. By approaching them from your own tradition/culture rather than theirs, you are saying your way of doing things is better (more right, more real, etc) than theirs. It's condescending, it's insulting, and it's ignorant.

For some groups, like chaos magic, doing so is acceptable as the gods are more tools than someone you have a relationship with. However if you intend to approach them in order to start a relationship, you are better off learning about them; rather than asking them to fit to your perception of the world. Plus it gives you a better face in their eyes; you're actually stepping out of your comfort zone to do something for them.

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Re: Which God/ddess to work?
Post # 5
Thank you everyone! I know the particular Goddess..actually I don't very much, but that's not a problem. She is from Hinduism. And I feel extremely connectd to Hinduism and generally to India etc really. I also think I have lived there before. I also feel extremely connected to her! For example I like the other Gods of Hinduism, it's like generally-all the Hinduism remembers me something, I feel really connected to that and not to other Gkos or Goddesses as to her. I really love that Goddess!!! I think we will be going good. Even though I am an Orthodox Christian, because I also feel more connected and love Hinduism more than Orthodox Christianity.
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