Finding Your God?

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Finding Your God?
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Mmkay, so I read up on The Horned God and The Goddess. Then I read that for Wiccans they have a god I think. I-I'm sorry if any of my information is off. From browsing the forums I get that you can pick any god that you want.

The tips I saw were things like, "narrow it down, know what your looking for, ask yourself questions, etc."

I have narrowed it down a little bit...I strongly feel it would be a male god. I myself have a more male/masculine aura energy I feel. I get along easily with men and have almost exclusively male friends. Not on purpose, women just don't seem to like me very much. ^.^;;

Someone a bit..more chaotic/free spirited. With the mentality that justice/right and wrong aren't always so black and white. A good sense of humor since I'm always cracking jokes and don't um...usually think there is every a bad time for that. ^.^;;

Would any of you happen to have any other ideas? I had given it some thought before posting so as not to seem too annoying hehe. But I do appreciate any tips or ideas you have to share with me. :)
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Re: Finding Your God?
Post # 2
Not being an initiate note that what I say is based upon my own studies of Wicca and the things Wiccans have told me. Wicca is a religion focused upon the horned God and the Goddess of the moon. These deities have secret names which are privately passed down through coven lineages, the reason for this is that names, symbols etc. all have power and these secret deities are like a store of energy for that coven, otherwise known as an egregore. Most magical traditions and societies have something like this.

This being said, you can clearly see horned Gods and moon goddesses which fit into the Wiccan framework. Cernunnos, Pan and Artemis etc.

Since Wicca is a religion and not plain old witchcraft, in that aspect of work you can't pick any deity you want. But most Wiccans do have their own work they carry out which is not related to their religious work in which they can choose, or rather are called, to work with any deity they please.

It sounds to me like you are more drawn to general witchcraft, Wicca seeks balance through a male and female deity, some witchcraft traditions only work with one. The Cornish tradition of Gemma Gary for example focuses primarily on the horned god Bucca.

Do what feels right for you, and what you feel is your natural calling, to be honest what you are describing is quite typical of what horned gods are often perceived as. Pan for example is the root of 'panic' and is often perceived a being rather chaotic.

How to start would be to simply reach out, if you can make an altar, make an altar. Devise poems for the deity, worship them, make offerings and call out. See if you get a response. You may want to look at Crowley's Liber Astarte for instructions on how to devise a devotional ceremony for a deity. Just adapt it and strip it down to what you need.

Good luck!
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Re: Finding Your God?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Hadit, thank you for such a quick response! I'm still new to all this. I don't claim to be Wicca, Pagan, etc. I don't think it wise to claim to be something before giving it intense thought.

I saw some stuff in the Nordic section where they have to pick a god or something. My husband is more into Nordic stuff so I think I might look into that.

I always kinda hoped/thought the god who you were destined to follow would call out to you and gently lead you to them.
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Re: Finding Your God?
Post # 4
I have certainly found in my own experience that after an exposure to the divine you are lead to where you need to be by subtle inclinations which turn into more direct responses. Your deity may change over time in regards to what you need at that current time, or you may find your deity stick and you grow a lasting relationship.

I honestly think that if you have an inner urge to explore a deity or particular culture you should listen and explore, see what you find. I have found my own tastes moved from Judeo-Christian beings to Egyptian, to Celtic, and once more to Judeo-Christian beings. I changed and as such the subtle realms, unconscious mind, and divine world which I perceived changed with me.

Honestly, there is no right way to do any of this stuff, there are plenty of wrong ways, but no definitive method set in stone for everyone. Religious traditions such as Wicca are handy for giving folks a map, but some people simply can't walk the same route as another and have to make their own map. Just walk about, do some things, see what works and who you are drawn to and can work with, make progress, make mistakes and learn from them etc.

The people who practice Norse paganism on this site are very knowledgeable about their practice and I am sure that if you have questions and post in the forums you will get some great answers.
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Re: Finding Your God?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Yeah I'll go ask the Nordic Pagans some questions. Thank you for your insight! :)
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