Hello, and question: SOS!

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Hello, and question: SOS!
Post # 1
Dear All,

Greetings, I am new here, from London, UK. Have been practicing for a few years now, but still consider myself a beginner as, although I have done magic with varying degrees of effectiveness (positive AND negative!) in the past, I really haven't done all that much in my lifetime.

I am here because I have just discovered that I have made a mistake concerning a spell I did recently, and am scared out of my wits that it will affect the outcome of the spell. I have performed a spell which requires me to carry something I made with me until my intention manifests. I forgot it today. I have been feeling very unstable and negative, even aggressive at times, today most of the day, and only just now accidentally discovered that I forgot the object I was meant to be carrying with me at home, and there is no way I can get back to access it at this point. Anyway, I have been without it nearly 7 hours now, so even if I could go back home and get it, I have spent all that time now away from the object. Have I affected now the final outcome of the spell?

Considering the fact that my energy has been very 'all over the place' today and, even against best efforts, I have been very irritable, cynical and negative about everything (especially the situation I did the spell for!) today, and all the while I wasn't even aware that I had made the mistake I only discovered accidentally and in the strangest manner at most an hour ago (I meant to get something from my handbag and by mistake picked up the purse in which I normally carry the magickal object, not knowing even why, and discovered I didn't have it when I decided to look inside!), I am concerned that this is not going to be an indication that my spell was working and that now, because of my own oversight, I may have jeopardised a positive outcome of my work just because of having done something stupid.

Could anyone give me an opinion on this, please? And if there is a risk that I have spoiled something, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do to somehow remedy this?

My intention is extremely important to me, it's like life or death to me, and I would be really devastated if I have spoiled my chances because of this.

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,
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Re: Hello, and question: SOS!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Well, now, there are several aspects from which you can consider this.

Firstly, the spell itself is not magic; it is an effort to gain a magical result. The object is merely a means to direct your intention in the direction of your desires, whenever you are reminded that you have it -- at least that's the way many "take with you" types of spells are intended to work.

However, since you put your attachment to the spell in stead of the result, it is up to you whether you have changed anything. Some may say that you have already subconsciously detached yourself from your own effort, and must start again; some may say you can simply keep carrying the object, or direct your will to your intent with no change. Some may say it's as simple as doing a visualization during some meditation to "connect remotely" with the object at your home, in a sense of purpose -- that is to say, a mental or psychic connection to the object upon which your intent for the magic result has been attached. How literal the connection is depends on your belief, but your intent is what matters more.
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Re: Hello, and question: SOS!
Post # 3
Thank you very much, prsona, for your very comprehensive reply. Something to ponder. It seems curious that it was precisely to build my courage and calm down my emotional instability in relation to the situation that I decided to look at and touch the object when I opened the wallet only to discover that it wasn't there. Maybe a test of the solidity of my own intent, then?

I will continue meditating on the item and carrying it with me for the time being and see how I feel by the next new moon.

Many thanks again, you have been a great help.

Blessed be.

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