Frog on my front door

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Frog on my front door

Frog on my front door
Post # 1
I know the title seems silly but let me explain. The other day a lone tree frog was on the insde of my gas door. I didn't want it to jump inside my home because my cats would have killed it, so I carefully cupped my hand around it to nudge it into my hand but it wouldn't move even from a light touch, it just stayed but until I gave it more of a push but I was very gentle. Eventually it fell into my hand and I took it out into the yard to put it on a bush, but it wasn't afraid. It stared at me for a while until I nudge it more to jump out of my hand. It seemed very comfortable. So I didn't think much of it and the next day I look and the very same tree frog was on the same part of my door. I'm not sure how it would have gotten their but I knew it was the same one. Again it wasn't scared at all of me holding it trying to move it away. This has been going on for about three days straight and each time I've moved it further away but it always seems to find it's way back. Even now it remains in the same spot, I didn't move it this time. I guess when I have certain animals come on my property I research and see if they symbolize anything. I even made sure it didn't have a family or something near by and I found nothing. I guess i'm asking what do frogs represent or are they sacred to any deity.
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Re: Frog on my front door
Post # 2
okay so from what you said about the frog not being afraid and all it might your spirit animal. from what i read over my reaserch on spirit animal is that when they have strange behavors and keep reaapearing constantly it just might be your spirit animal. okay so normal a frog would be scared if you touched it and wouldnt come back if it was scared so that is a very odd behavoir for a little froggy and it keeps appearing very odd. If it is your spirit animal try to meditate and foucus on either the frog or the spirit animal and it will be revealed

i hoped this helped
blessed be
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Re: Frog on my front door
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Keep in mind that spirit animals are a culture specific concept that doesn't apply to everyone. If you're looking for other specific symbolism, you'll want to do your own research, validate your sources, and cross reference them with other validated material. Always look for why someone associates a frog or toad with something as there are many sites where people pile on their own meanings. Here are some references to get you started. When using Wikipedia, remember to look at the sources listed as anyone has the ability to change page material.

I have not validated these sources, but from glancing over them, they don't seem to be chock-full of misinformation. You'll want to look into the lore that is mentioned in each link to determine their validity.

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Re: Frog on my front door
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Frogs sometimes seem unafraid, but really they have an instinct to not move in some fear situations. Remember: You are an enormous "something else" to a frog, and it fears you may be a predator. In that case, it may not be willing to move at your behest, as hopping would trigger the predatory instinct in a lot of animals. Once picked up, it may instinctually not want to seem alive, to seem less attractive as prey (as a possibly dead animal).

It is a possible other explanation.
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