Can auras blend?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Can auras blend?

Can auras blend?
Post # 1
Hello everyone I'm new to magic and more so in general my ideas of religion. It was not long ago I became Satanic, both as a way to break free but to smite some hurtful people. I also have my very bleak and dark outlooks onto "God" so this was also in a way coming into my true self

Some time has passed since then but now as I learned more and more about Satanic rituals and rites I also have been learning magic as a way to do some good around me. Maybe heal my grandfathers sight, keep my parents from fighting every so often.
That kind of stuff and right a few wrongs in my life. The other night I was talking to psychic and after I was brought to tears over her correct assumptions (got into losses and such and some struck some harsh notes to me) She began to read my aura saying it was black, red, and orange. I thought auras were only one color not many.

Is this person true about my aura? If so what do they mean? Does it mean something else in Satanism? I seen some translation of it by "Wiccan sources" and here is what I got from the source
which is here

As you can see the red and orange don't bother me but the black does? I saw in another it meant something much worse

As it can be seen right here

I have no idea what it talks about by illness or death. I'm pretty healthy for a guy who is only mid 20's sure I work a crappy job but who doesn't now at this age? Should I be worried about all this? More importantly can I change it or use this aura to perform black magic? Is there any other outlets to use it if I can what are they? I understand it is a spirit energy of sorts. So if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
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Re: Can auras blend?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Some of this was a little hard to read because it ended up running off the margins of the page (probably because of that long URL).

But to try and answer your questions, yes, auras can be many many colours. People often learn about other things due to where the "colours" appear on the body. (I put quotation marks around colours because that is one way auras are percieved. Not everyone percieves them that way.)

If you get the opportunity, ask the pychic what the colours mean to him/her. The psychic probably has specific associations with those colours and can tell you more. If you can't, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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Re: Can auras blend?
Post # 3
Thank you but do you have any idea what they mean in Satanism?
I ask cuz I am a Satanist. I can't find anything on it on the net
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Re: Can auras blend?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

It's not specific to the path. Colour association are generally more associated with the person seeing/using them. They won't mean something different for Satanism, but they may mean something different to you, or the psychic, or someone else with a different perspective.

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