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Aztec Question
Post # 1
My question is about the afterlife in the Aztec religion. It was said that when people died a normal or natural death they would have to go to Mictlan. I don't have any experience working with the Aztec Gods yet, but has Mictlan change since the Aztec times or is it the same? What I mean is do you have to travel four years in the dangerous underworld just to obtain peace after death. I would love to practice the Aztec faith, but I don't think I'm ready yet. What I'm trying to say do people have to go through such troubles when they die if they die a natural death still, what about warriors who died natural deaths?

Also I can handle the blood because I use to be a cutter and not really squeamish about it and I can also handle the pain. But my mother might not like me to cut myself again, even though I am a diabetic so she might let me use my lancet. Would a small amount of burnt blood be good or a lot. I don't think I could get that much out with a lancet.

And Im sorry silleih if you read this after answering my question which was the same thing, I grew impatient sorry
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Re: Aztec Question
Post # 2
From the little i know a out aztec afterlife a warrior's death was like the aztec equivalent to Valhalla (to summarize) most aztec dieties did take autosacrifce, but aside from war dieties I dobt it was required... althought it was expected... I guesss you could say it was like tradition people did it because it pleased the gods and they wanted to or were taught to, ive bloodlet twice in my life I felt a bit intense but the quantity of blood I gave was nothing special a few drops at most. All I really know is that Xoyotl will guide you in the Miclan. You shouldn't do anything your not comfortable with, the way I see it bloodletting atleast to me was more of a way for the gods to give to us than to take themselves, it created an expectation of pain and in turn more courage in The face of potential dangerous and all the pain that lie ahead. Of course you can feel free to Ignore this as I am just a apprentice in herbalism and only find comfort in the stories I myself do not know if I believe in the aztec pantheon.. if you think you can handle it ive give. Less than a few drops on a small peice of rabbit pelt, people would do everything from cut their hand to prick their finger with a maguey, I dont think a la cet would be a y different... but the most important thing is dont do anything you dont want to, if it feels wrong dont do it.
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