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Please help
Post # 1
Dose anyone know a spirit name Lawrence Jay Zak he has a daughter and he's married if that helps and if you know contact me IMMEDIATELY please it is really important thank you :)
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Re: Please help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sorry if any of this comes across hurtful or upsets you.

If this is someone you knew in life but recently passed on, I'm sorry for your loss, but don't try and hold him to the mortal realm. When people die [working on the theory there is an afterlife] their spirit is reborn, or goes to a 'heaven' depending on the faith. Sometimes they stay behind, but if he has, he would be somewhere that he loved [with his wife and child] spirits with a reason to stay usually remain with loved ones or their home. Some do wander the earth, but they normally died suddenly or refused to let go. As well, a spirit might remember its name in life but if we are reborn it has many lifetimes, and a spirit who was male in life could identify female in death which makes your inquiries that much more difficult. Many spirits I have met who are just wandering from place to place usually don't have a name or don't remember. I've only met two spirits who introduced themselves by name, and one was a departed family member who remained in her old home where the family still lived.

If you know the spirit and wish to try talking to him, you could try a divination method to get in contact. Set up an altar [table] with their photo and a few items of his [say a wedding ring, his cologne, favourite shirt] then try contacting him by name. You could skry with a black mirror, crystal, or bowl of water, use a pendulum, or simply ask a question and meditate to receive an answer. You could also use a Ouija Board but I would hold off until you've tried all other options. He might of crossed over, while sad, be happy he was fulfilled in life.
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Re: Please help
Post # 3
what type of spirit
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Re: Please help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Spirits lie to get naive mediums to do things for them, which in turn gives them more grip on the physical world and lends them energy. If you ever choose to do work with higher beings or ancestors, you'll find that they too prefer attention in the form of offerings or actions in their name. But unlike random spirits that prey on the compassionate, they do things in exchange for such efforts, which is what some may call a working relationship that may in time develop into a friendship.

The individual who recently posted about gathering people for a spirit war...If he was being honest, he is being foolish and feeding a group of spirits that are likely up to no good at all.

Although it can feel fun and exciting to be the center of attention or counted on by spirits, odds are they are using you.

This is where formal evocation and ceremonial divination really helps because if done properly, it creates a controlled environment that prevents the spirit from playing games or lying. Don't except excuses. If they aren't willing to participate or the name they give doesn't bring about results, discard their words and move on. Banish them if they continue to pester you. Spirits will use you as a doormat if you give them the option.
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Re: Please help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Spiritual Creatures from Misc Topics.
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