Kept on falling in dream

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Kept on falling in dream

Kept on falling in dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This is my bestfriend's dream that she had and I just came up of a theory why. I was probably wrong so I wanted to adk you guys. Right after she tried to contact her archangel named Raphael, she goes to sleep. When she does fall asleep, she was dreaming of herself faling and falling and falling for eternity. She finally woke up with a panic attack. My theory wad that the archangel must have brought her somewhere like heaven because its high up. Then after they finished talking, Raphael returned her to Earth. Now my theory could be wrong or fluffy or something. Im still a beginner in angelic stuff. So if anyone can interpret this dream, thank you so much and Id appreciate it a lot.
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Re: Kept on falling in dream
Post # 2
I used to have a similar problem as a kid. I would dreem that I was falling down a stairwell from the top of the railing and then either begin the fall again or wake up when I was about an inch from hitting the floor. It's a common nightmare, esspecially for people who are afraid of heights. my suggestion is to put a sprig of thyme under the pillow at night, as it does the trick for me, also try not to go to sleep at different hours every night.
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Re: Kept on falling in dream
Post # 3
I have dreams kinda similar but only I trip in my dreams, and outside my dreams I'll have a muscle spazzium..
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Re: Kept on falling in dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Apparently from what I was always told, falling dreams happen when you are just about to fall asleep, your body misinterperates your muscles relaxing as you falling. In a semi dream state you see yourself fall in the dream, often in a familiar place each time, your body jerks you awake and you gasp for air panicking, just as you are about to hit the ground. It shouldn't happen too often but a lot of people have this occur, up to about 70% I believe.

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Re: Kept on falling in dream
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Falling in a dream is usually the result of incorporating is usually the result of external stimulus incorporation into your dream. Falling asleep could cause it if you are extremely tired and fall directly into REM. Usually, it occurs later in the night and is often the result of a drop in blood sugar during the night. Obviously, no one can say exactly without monitoring you while you sleep, but try a light, high proteIn in snack before going to bed. It has been found to help.

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