weird things failed spell

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> weird things failed spell

weird things failed spell
Post # 1
I tried to use a levitation spell but i did not work.It felt like something was about to happen but i am very new to magic so i was probably not even close.
But after the spell failed bugs started to fly to me alot more for a little while,my parents garagedoor broke and it feels like someting poverfull is near me when i am close to where i tried the spell.Is it posibble that something close to where i was did not like me trying to use magic? is there any mythical creatures that does not like magic?
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Re: weird things failed spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Levitation spells won't work anyway, they are nonsense. The stuff that is going wrong is probably just that, stuff going wrong. Its summer, lots of bugs are flying around, it could just be the area you are in. The garage door broke because it just broke, most probably anyway. I would say just try to relax and forget about it, the connections may all be in your head.
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Re: weird things failed spell
Post # 3
If you feel uncomfterble whether it had to do with the spell atempt
Or not you should cleanse your garage or wherever else is uncomfortable
With sage there is a specific way to do it that is easily
Found on google(:
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Re: weird things failed spell
Post # 4
well this is where the real danger lies, most of the people who are using magic spells specially the one who are really knowledgeable enough , are the easy targets for the entities of spiritual world ,this is for you to become, unconsciously you really attracts spirits in everything that you do it depends on your mood what kind of spirit or elementals or creatures will come to you. if your in a bad mood while doing this then a negative spirit will come to you . also even if your in a good mood STILL it depends on level of your consciousness. it doesnt mean if your in a good mood a good spirit will come to you thats not always the case spirits are around us whether you believe it or not so whether your doing just normal thing or casting magic chances you are always getting the attention of the other spirits around you so before casting spell be sure how to take care of yourself,
and by the way a lot of negative spirits always disguise as a good spirits so be really careful on what you are doing im not scaring you, this is true
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Re: weird things failed spell
Post # 5
theres a correction on my previous comment sorry for my error most of the practioner who are not knowledgeable enough *
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