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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Nakedness

By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
I have just been asked if witchcraft should be performed naked.
( I love that idea of "performed" as though we are some sort of entertainer!).
So, here we go again with the old "Skyclad" idea.
Throughout the centuries, witches have been portrayed as "dancing naked". A typical Christian concept because nakedness was "wicked" and "evil".Many witches did work while naked. Many still do so.Gardner believed that Nudism was good for the health; sun and air to the whole body.
So, should witches "perform" naked? Well, it's a matter of personal choice. But let's have some common sense, so as not to "frighten the horses".
Wearing clothing is not natural. We are the only animal on Earth that wears clothing!
So, I would say that if you wish to be naked in your own home, or anywhere out of the public gaze, there is no reason why not!
After all, we are all born naked!
But is nakedness necessary for witchcraft? No! It isn't!
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Re: Nakedness
Post # 2
I'd like to agree with that. When you can walk around your house without clothing, it not only let's your body breathe, but it also allows your to be mentally open because for some people it can be difficult to be naked.

When I practice skyclad, on rare occasions, I feel a closer connection to the Earth that I work around. I'm a very sensual being, not only as a practitioner, so the feeling that I generate when I perform a ceremony outdoors while skyclad is remarkable.

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Re: Nakedness
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Yes,indeed! Many people feel closer to Nature whilst naked. In fact, most Nudists are known as Naturists!
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Re: Nakedness
Post # 4
Well Gardner put in quite a lot of personal ideas into his mish mash religion and again liked to generalise his religion to all witches, he called practicing skyclad practicing in the 'witches clothing'. He was nudist well before he cooked up Wicca.

I go for practicality, sure there's nothing wrong with nudism or being naked during ritual. This being said I am also a practical guy, if I was doing a ritual outside in Britain on a rainy night, I would be wearing clothes. Concentration is key to me and I hate to be freezing and being hit with cold rain!

We might be the only animals to wear clothes, but we also have a lot less hair than our mammal cousins! They have natural fleece, I have to by mine.
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