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Spell casting
Post # 1
I'm new to this magic thing.. I didn't do my first spell yet, as I have no idea on how to get started...
But I'm here MAINLY for one spell, the one to make me forget something.. Is there anyway I can get started and cast that spell without reading tons of books and everything? I know how magic works, it's the manipulation of energy... Now, is that possible?
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Re: Spell casting
Post # 2
It is not possible to cast a spell when you have no experience or any knowledge of magick and how it works. I suggest you go to FORUMS-general info-the basics expanded.
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Re: Spell casting
Post # 3
There may be ways to deliberately forget something, but I do not know them. The only two ways I know how to deal with an unwanted memory is to either put it out of your mind, or to come to terms with it.
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Re: Spell casting
By: / Novice
Post # 4

You will never truly forget anything. You subconscious mind stores all the data you experience. Now, you can take it out of your conscious mind by focusing on something else. As that focus and new thought occupies your conscious mind, less and less attention is given to the thought you do not want to recall. Eventually it slips out of your awareness.

Do not tell yourself not to think about something. The subconscious mind does not process negatives. So, when you think "Don't think this thought", the subconscious hears "Think about this thought." Therefore, you think about it. If the thought you don't want pops into your mind, just turn your awareness to something else. It will take time depending on how much mental energy you have put into the thought you don't want to have, but you can make it through.

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Re: Spell casting
Post # 5
Of course there are ways to make yourself forget something that happend in the past.
Just the way things happen to you and completely forget about them.
There is always a way to push events to the back of your mind so you rarely remember them or erase them completely
Unfortunately this can only be done in any of this two ways.
You cannot make yourself forget. This magic or spell (as mordern world calls it) has to be performed by someone else. A witch or a priestess. Just the same way you can be hypnotised to go back and remember things. You can be made to forget. This is always a better option
2. You can have a bracelet or a personal item you never take off charmed by a priestess.And as long as you have it on. You never remember.
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