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Post # 1
What brands of tea do you all prefer? Until I can start making my own again I need some decent herbal teas to tide me over. Thanks!
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Re: Tea
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2
I would recommend Stash tea. It's mostly inexpensive, and has a good taste to it. Teavana and Adagio teas are in my number one category right now, as well as Tazo. Tazo is a little more expensive than Stash. Adagio is a small company, but I only found one store in downtown Chicago when I visited there about a month ago. Teavana is sure to rank the most expensive (my sister spent almost $70 on a tin of loose leaf tea), but they also have the most flavor to it. Hope that helped.
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Re: Tea
Post # 3
Some herbal tea's i love are: chamomile herbal tea. It's by just us the brand. I'm not into ''herbal'' teas very much so a few non ones are :Spiced cinnamon Chai(Lipton) and Earl grey the specialty(earl grey)

For some good cough teas, i would recommend a lemon thriller.

Morning tea a Earl grey black tea. Kinda taste like a sugary more type of coffee.

Evening/relaxing tea can be from Celetial seasons and in cinnamon apple spiced(Extremely flavorful!)
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Re: Tea
By: / Novice
Post # 4
When I can, I make tea out of the plants that I grow personally. I love chamomile, mint, and green tea personally, although I also have some store bought teas that I keep around for when my plants aren't ready to harvest. My personal favorite store bought tea is Mint Medley which you can find at Wal Mart and some Dollar Generals. It has a calming effect that helps me sleep after a long day at work.

I live in the south so Lipton is another store bought tea that I drink, although that is for flavor alone, not for any medicinal use.
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Re: Tea
Post # 5
Stash has awesome teas that is inexpensive, celestial seasonings, and If I want to go all out for more helpful in healing I use Yogi tea. I love the immune boosting teas :) Make sure to read any warnings and ingredients in case you may have allergies.
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