Past Life Regression ?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Past Life Regression ?

Past Life Regression ?
Post # 1
I want to do it. I've tried listening to a bunch of voice guides and meditating, it never works for me. I just get really relaxed and I just sort of stop there and return to normal. I would pay for a session but there's only one near me and I'm not willing to drop $300 if it ends up not working like before.
Everyone I've talked to ( most of them being in this longer than I've been alive ) have said they have some ideas about me but they couldn't really place their finger on it but that I'm something and am not a new soul.
Any thoughts or suggestions on what to do ? ( sorry if some words are misspelled, I'm on mobile )
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Re: Past Life Regression ?
Post # 2

It wasn't until I raise Kundalini and opened my spiritual chakra above the crown that past life regression occurred for me,this however might not be the case for everyone. The actual feeling reminded me more of astral projection, but the event itself was like being inside a foggy movie where the clips jumped from one scene to the other. I saw a lot of horrible things, bad karma and mistakes I made and fears. Everything from watching my father drown on a dock, to fishing in a jungle river, to being a shark and consuming my own child. I became aware of about seven or eight memories some of them had a really adverse effect on me. Also the entire event happened unintentionally during an extended MerKaBa meditation session, it was kind of awful. So I would be careful of prying into forces like this, I would consider it the same kind of event that happens when you reach a certain stage of inner awareness similar to the crown chakra opening or kundalini activating for the first time. Don't attempt to do past life regression, just practice on becoming more self aware and experiencing the spiritual nature of your being and if in this lifetime you come to a realization of self, you will perhaps experience past life regression.

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Re: Past Life Regression ?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I preform Past Life Regressions with my hypnosis clients often. It really depends on if you allow yourself to be guided back into your past lives, and if the hypnotist understands how to guide you back into them. The problem with recordings is that they are a script, and hypnosis is not "one size fits all". The way the person who recorded it may not work for you.

I personally feel that every soul is old, immortal and eternal. We're all old souls, who have lived through various incarnations. But, each time, we come back with a new mind, new personality and new thoughts as well as a new body. We're not the same person. Just the same soul experincing life through a new person.

I would advise looking into learning self-hypnosis and studying up on different ways to do PLR so that you can find what works for you. But, don't worry about it too much. You soul may have been someone great in the past but, now, you are you. Live your life now. Don't try to live off the past.

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Re: Past Life Regression ?
Post # 4
i will agree with DudeAwesome but i will go a little deeper sorry if this gets to long if u have any questions just message me.
you need to make sure your Chakras are not blocked simple grounding exercises will help u unblock them... when u know u are unblocked meditation will be the next step now u said u have some difficulty with is i have something that may help out it worked wonders for me. iv been working with crystals for a long wile and found that some help with the proses of finding memories such as Kinoite and Leumarian Seeded Crystal. i have used both of these to help me along with meditation to help me tap in to my memories of my past lives. Now as a far warning u have to take the good memories with the bad.
now combine this all together when u stat to meditate with the crystals try to feel there energy. once u feel it focus on your Chakras fallow there energy all the way up to the crown or your head. once u get there stare to imagine that there is one above that this is what u need to tap in to to get your memories. you may not get anything the first couple of times but it will come to you don't loose hope it took me some time. i don't know how good your 3rd eye is but u should be able to see what is going on in your memories. know this is were i recommend to get a notebook and doc what u see because if u have had a lot of past lives you have to start deciphering what memories go for which life time and it can get very confusing.
i hope this will help u out a little. if u have any questions don't be afraid to ask hun.
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