Hello Everyone, I am new.

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Hello Everyone, I am new.
Post # 1
Hello all. My name is Jillian. I just became a member today July 27th. I have always felt like I have a bit of a connection to magic. Currently, life is transitioning for me and I believe this community and website will help me. Please, if you don't mind, let me know about any good tips! Have a nice day :)
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Re: Hello Everyone, I am new.
Post # 2
Hello there! Welcome to SoM. I suggest first checking your mail system if you haven't already, and of course agreeing to the rules on the chatter. You'll find easy enough some answers to questions through the FAQs too.So i suggest checking it out! Anymore help? Message me please. I'd be willing to help out. Anyways moving on.

In terms of magic, lets get one thing straight. Magic is all around us, everywhere. Water, earth, us, ect. Everything holds it, and truth is some things like wands for, example: Enhance power to it's user. Most tools used in magic like circle casting, or wands, stones, clothes, ect are often helpful to newbie's as it provides the mind to click and change into more concentration. However i would say, spell casting (a favorite thing in life seemingly) should not be practiced or goaled for first.

Learn the basic's!!Everyone almost with common sense, would say its best for safety terms, and working terms. Some basics include the overall ones like:Grounding, meditation, centering, ect. Others include circle casting, aura's and tools. I will give you a basic list of what i did.

*grounding *centering *meditation *visualization *chakras *Auras *circle casting *astrology *energy building (cone power)

I also however did a year and a day study into eclectic Wicca, which is why mine varied. But i suggest checking out AwakeTooLong's forum posts on magic and basic's, and start off with meditation and visualization. Here's a small visual and meditation in one trick.

Light a candle and watch it, for one minute. Now squint for another minute and see the light coming off of the candles light. See the rays and wiggle your eyes to move it bigger or smaller. *Note you can also do it with a light* BB :)
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