Not sure what this is...

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Not sure what this is...

Not sure what this is...
Post # 1
I know its late but, about 8 months ago, when I was walking up the stairs, I saw a a big ball of light float at the top of the stairs. No idea what that was. Then, 2 days later, in the kitchen, my mother and my sister were fighting about god knows what, and I saw white smoke rise above them. I was curious and looked to see where it came from. Both the stove/oven and dishwasher were turned off. Dunno where it came from and they didnt seem to notice. Then, a few days later, I was walking with my mother in my house and saw once again a big ball of light floating at the top of the stairs. That time I was very surprised and gasped. My mother looked at me and asked "What? Something wrong?" I just stared at her thinking "Don't tell you didnt see that!". Now, I see either the smoke or the light at least once a week. Sometimes a couple of times a day. Never quite knew what it was....... So I'm asking, what do you think it was? My imagination? Hallucination? Spirits etc. I have been told by 2 psychics that I'm gifted. Though if thats the case, I dont understand why see whatever that is so late. ..Reading this I feel like a schizophrenic person telling her story ^^'. Okay then.
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Re: Not sure what this is...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Spirits seem interested in your mother. Spirits do that from time to time. I have seen it happen to various people, including family and friends. I would not worry. Unless you are bothered by it, I would just take in the fascination. Maybe even say hello.
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Re: Not sure what this is...
Post # 3
But what about the glowing light thingy? Spirits too? Or..? I am not bothered by it, most the time. I am when they show up in the weirdest places ^^'. Such as the bathroom. LOL... I've told a few people about his, some think its spirits, others think I'm crazy >.> and others think its angel/demon.
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Re: Not sure what this is...
Post # 4
It migt be an angel or demon, but neither is really cause for alarm often. I think you're in the best position to find out what it is. You mentioned you're a sensitive in your profile, that should make communicating with the spirits easier. Some basic divination could be good too. Let me know what you find out, that sounds fascinating.
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Re: Not sure what this is...
Post # 5
One of the psychics I mentioned thought they were angel/demons. So far, none have tried to cause me any harm what so ever so Im not bothered by them. I want to try to learn some more about them but... Don't quite know how ^^' I see them, but I cannot hear them TT^TT. I mentioned on my profile about being a sensitive cuz thats what most people tell me, so I just assumed that I am. :S
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