Question about casting a

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Question about casting a
Post # 1
Hello, I have not practiced magic in a long time and want to make sure I do it right. I have my alter set up but wanted to know if you should Anoint your alter before casting a spell. Do you always do a protection circle? I also I anted to know if the alter has to be set up in the north, I saw on another website to set it up in the east. I did a blood candle spell and I don't know if I did it right. I have always had problems with unseen forces knocking on walls and talking to us and the night I cast the spell something grabbed my neck in the middle of the night. If you could just give me a small example of how you prepare for a spell it would be great. Thanks roamingelf.
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Re: Question about casting a
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
No you don't always have to cast a circle.

Most people would have their altar to the north, but really you can have your altar pointing anywhere, if it feels right to you its right, you don't have to copy every ones altar, it's your altar.

Okay, you should get all your supplies ready and remember the spell.

What I do before I do a spell I burn sage or dragon blood, something that gets ride of negative energies.
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Re: Question about casting a
Post # 3
There's no 100% right way to cast a spell. You don't have to have your altar facing north, and you don't need to anoint it. When I do spells, I don't even use my altar for some of them because I do some outside and let the earth be my altar. If something is disturbing you, try smudging and cleansing: white sage is good, but you could try putting a bag of black salt under your pillow or sprinkle some of it around.
The way I prepare for a spell is gather my ingredients together, wash and dress in clean clothes I save for spell casting, and have a cup of water or tea to calm myself. You should try to be calm and clear headed before you do your spell.
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Re: Question about casting a
Post # 4

Some people don't do protection circles at all, like myself and I have fine reslts. And your altar doesn't have to be set up in the North. I would just do a basic cleansing every now and again.

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