Seed of hermetic/thelemic

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Seed of hermetic/thelemic
Post # 1
hello there, my name is william. ive been studying the occult since i was twelve. i am now sixteen. for the past year ive been defining my theology on where magick fits in with us and the gods that spread through every creed. i have found that the gods of antiquity almost all have a place in the history of man kind. i hold kin thought to aleister crowley. id like to begin the abrahamelin ritual to try and further my thoughts to purity. has anyone here ever successfully attempted the stated ritual?
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Re: Seed of hermetic/thelemic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Yes, there are those who have done Abramelin`s system. It`s not one ritual but a series of daily practices and prayers. Now, you are aware that it requires you to be sequestered away from outside contact for a six month period, during which time you are involved with meditation and work with the God of Abraham, right?

Crowley did it, but he had been training for decades before he did it. He was also an adept in the Golden Dawn, so he had actual temple training. Abramelin`s system is very difficult, and I would strongly recommend not attempting it till you gain some more experience in qabalah and ceremonial magic.

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Re: Seed of hermetic/thelemic
Post # 3
thank you. and of course i know it wouldnt happen next week but ive got to start some where. thanks for the input.
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Re: Seed of hermetic/thelemic
Post # 4
Crowley did not see the Abramelin operation through, however, and attained knowledge and conversation later on- 1906 if my memory serves correctly.

Crowley also did not recommend the Abramelin operation to his own students but instead offered Liber VIII which was given to someone who had been through the building blocks of his own A.'.A.'. system, which I recommend you do prior to undertaking such a task. Not only will it give you an arsenal with which to approach the task, but will also let you know where your strengths are and all round prepare you for the task- magically and psychologically.

Don't run before you can walk is my only advice to you, and don't rush to the goal, enjoy the journey and learn through experience. That said, I know nothing about you, your history of practice, or your personal spiritual development and thus not going to dissuade you, just pointing out some facts.
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Re: Seed of hermetic/thelemic
Post # 5
Just another side note, you can find all of Crowley's instructions including the official syllabus he set for his order on The only thing which is not published (in a complete form) are oral instructions and the initiation rituals.
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