Has a god contacted me?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Has a god contacted me?

Has a god contacted me?
Post # 1
I had this dream, about a year ago, in which, I think, Kratos tried to contact me.

I remember the dream quite well. I was at some sort of a temple that looked a little bit like the Stonehenge, but it was bigger and there were these giant statues of gods and goddesses. It was night time, and I was there with my friend's family. They seemed a bit... strange. They were very calm, and something was surely wrong with them. Okay, then there also was this pale young lady, wearing a red dress. She and my friend's mother told me to find my God. I was like: "Who the - is supposed to be my God??", so I just wandered around the place and stopped at a statue of a knight, who wore an armor. There was this plague or something underneath the statue, which said: 'Skratos.' Then, the place around me changed a little bit. It became some sort of a library. This lady with the red dress said I had chosen my God(?) or something like that, I can't really remember, but she said something about it. Well, now that I was in a library, I tried to find information about this Skratos, but couldn't really find any. Around here I woke up and later that day I googled Skratos and found about this Kratos named god. I didn't find that much information about him, but I think he is the same god who was in my dream, because this knight looking warrior appearance kinda suits Kratos.

And I had never heard of Kratos before this dream (at least I haven't paid at all attention to it, if I had heard), and the dream was... pretty unusual to be my dream. I know, this happened a year ago, but it popped into my mind today, and I would like to hear your guys opinions :) I mean... if he actually contacted me through my dream... that would just be - astonishing! And it would be great, if someone had had an experience like this too... just, tell me what you think. I personally think, that if a human being can pray and try to contact a god, maybe gods can and sometimes even will contact people. I dunno, I really know nothing about anything, but I believe so. And I want to know about stuff, especially this kinda weird stuff that happens to me or people close to me.
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Re: Has a god contacted me?
Post # 2
Oh yeah, and there was this case, in which you keep your eyeglasses. It was empty and it kept popping out here and there around the dream for couple of times... I think it was symbolizing something I wasn't able to see... or some sort of a hidden message I couldn't see in the dream.
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Re: Has a god contacted me?
Post # 3
I don't know much about Greek systems, but I do know that their deities have a penchant for dreams. You'll have to look into it yourself to see if it is true. Here's some basic information about Kratos I found, I hope it helps.
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Re: Has a god contacted me?
Post # 4
Thank you, darling :3
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