How to Activate my Powers

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How to Activate my Powers
Post # 1
Hi, what is a good spell to activate my Wiccan Powers? Also, how do I find my element?

Re: How to Activate my Powers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

There are no such things as "Wiccan Powers".

Wicca is a religion with specific beliefs and practices, not some sort of special powers such as one sees in the TV show "Charmed" (The show has absolutely nothing to do with real Wicca at all!)

Actually, the idea that you have an Element isn't correct. It's something that Hollywood dreamed up in the movie, The Craft, and someone people latched onto it and it won't go away.

We are not one Element, we are composed of all of the Elements. What we truly want to do is learn to work with all of them in balance. It is true that you may find that one or two of the Elements are initially easier to work with. That isn't because they are "your Elements" but because you need to spend more time and effort learning to work with the others that are more difficult for you.

Nor is it true that "your Element" is the Element of the Sign of the Zodiac in which you were born. Anyone who does astrology can tell you that your birth sign is only a portion of what influences your life. Which Houses the other planets fall in also has great influence. Take myself for instance, I was born in Taurus, which is an Earth sign. But I also have planets that fall under Water, Air, and a lot in Fire. So again...I am NOT one Element only.

Which Elements you work with also depends in part on which forms of magic you practice. The classic Elements in Western magic are Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire. Some also add the Element of Spirit to that. In Chinese astrology and magic the Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. That's why it is important to understand what you want to work with and in which system you are working because it changes the perceptions regarding the Elements.

I would think that someone who calls themselves " masterwiccan " and claims to come from a long line of Wiccans would be aware of this. But then you also claim to come from a line of Wiccans going back to the Burning Times. You do realize do you not that there were no Wiccans around during the so-called Burning Times ? Wicca is a thoroughly modern religion put together in the 1930's and 1940's in England by Gerald Gardner. Perhaps you are confusing Wicca with Traditional Witchcraft. The two are quite different things.

Re: How to Activate my Powers
Post # 3
well Everyone has their own belief system.

Re: How to Activate my Powers
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
No... Lark is actually right... She's like spot on.

Re: How to Activate my Powers
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Well, Masterwiccan, you may of course, believe anything you wish. But if you believe that you come from a long line of Wiccans, you are deluded. Wicca was not even in the public domain until 1953; and before 1930 it didn't exist?

Re: How to Activate my Powers
Post # 6
Yea everyone believes their own thing... But believing things as you do such as clicking your fingers and turn into a cat type of stuff is non exsistant. You wanted to know about how to do that and people who have studied the belief have given you a truthful answer. Who do you think has more knowledge?

Re: How to Activate my Powers
Post # 7
And that was said in a kind tone :)

Re: How to Activate my Powers
Post # 8

Lark is right you don't activate powers. you've already got it. but its not the powers such as turning into a werewolf. Wicca is a religion that requires dedication and the will to study the path. I suggest starting off with learning the basics like what is magick? and how does it work? and how does spells work? you can find this on books, websites or you can find an wiccan to teach you the path. that should be enough to get you started.

I suggest reading Gerald Gardner's book on Wicca. but don't attempt any spells because you are not ready

Re: How to Activate my Powers
Post # 9
stop persecuting me! just because I don't practice majick the way you want me too! if it weren't for the rede....

the Gods gave me my beliefs, which came from my great great great great great great grandmother. she WAS wiccan, whether you like it or not. she celebrated the sabbats, the esbats, worshiped the same Gods and Goddesses and she also called herself a WICCA.

Besides, Silver RavenWolf AND Magaret Murray support my claim, while YOU are just a bunch of fluffy bunnies!

Re: How to Activate my Powers
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Oh dear. Ravenwolf and margaret murary. That says it all!

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