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Banish/Help a political p
Post # 1
Okay, before I begin my explanation I want to say "No scolding" and please don't recommend me other people to cast spells for me because they want money from me and I don't trust those kind of people. I rather spell cast myself.

Okay, there's a political party that is very corrupt and they are leading the country I love into turmoil, so I wish to cast a spell to get rid of the bad political party and cast another spell to help the good political party to grow, get popular, get stronger and succeed. So does anyone know any good spells for this matter? Help would be appreciated.
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Re: Banish/Help a political p
Post # 2
I don't think a spell could disband the party (I bet its conservatives) but you could always curse the pm
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Re: Banish/Help a political p
Post # 3
You would need more people to be effective than just yourself, there is strength in numbers. By yourself at the most you could do from none-medium damage. The Gerald Gardner attended a ritual with 72 other witches there, and they claim they held off the Nazis from Britain. But you could just use some runes, dances, energy meditations (with intent on what you want to do.) ,and chants. I don't have a ritual, but those are just some ideas. You should probably repeatedly do the ritual for it to be effective. Make sure you raise a lot of energy.
Also, what political party is it that you want to help?
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Re: Banish/Help a political p
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Truthbits, I don't know where you got this "information" from, but it is simply not true. It's a myth. In any case, during the Hitler years, Gerald Gardner never had so many as 72 followers! Also, during those years, witchcraft was against the Law!
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Re: Banish/Help a political p
Post # 5
I don't really know the exact number of the people in his coven, but he didn't even make Wicca then, but he did attend a ritual where there was a New Forest coven. He was involved with the crone of power ritual. Yes it may be true that witchcraft was illegal, so what? There is evidence that he was involved with the New Forest coven.
Here are some links:

I am not Wiccan, but I know a thing or two about Wicca! ;)
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Re: Banish/Help a political p
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I have seen that story in print elsewhere about Gardner. Personally I think he stole the story. There was a group of adepts under the direction of Dion Fortune who met on a regular basis who did ritual work throughout the Second World War to help Britain, but never claimed to have repelled an invasion. Her work during that time is well recorded in her book The Magical Battle of Britain. As Gardner borrowed liberally from sources in his creation of Wicca, the fact that he may have borrowed the story is not surprising.
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