Soulmate in Dreams?

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Soulmate in Dreams?
Post # 1
So, first it started out with a seemingly odd type of dream, where I had a husband. I'm going to skip the strange and unrelated stuff to the second part. In this part, my husband and I were just in a shopping sort of area at a train station (kind of like at Washington DC, but smaller), and we were out just kinda doing couple things and hanging out. I felt an immense attraction to him. Well, last night, I had a similar type of dream. I met a genius that I believe looked like him, and he sorta fell in love in that dream (again, strange dream sort of stuff aside).
Have I met my soul mate in my dream? Or is it just coincidence?
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Re: Soulmate in Dreams?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That is difficult to say for certain. Dreams can be any number of things. They can be the results of astral travel, and they can be prophetic. But they can also be just as easily constructs of the mind, either processing and arranging data taken in during the day or venting out unneeded data. In the end, the only one who can tell you what it really is, is you. What you should do is start writing down your dreams. Set your intention nightly, before you fall asleep, that you will remember your dreams. Over time, you will learn to feel the difference between the constructs of the mind and the actual astral works.
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Re: Soulmate in Dreams?
Post # 3
Thank you! I generally have very vivid dreams and am able to remember them easily, even dreams from years ago, so distinguishing the normal from the unusual is fairly easy. I feel that, through my dreams, I am also connecting with somebody else. They are an ex-friend whom I no longer wish to have contact with, and in many dreams they keep asking for me to regain contact with them again, in which I continue to reject. I feel like I have always had some sort of weird telepathic ability; I can sometimes say something to my mom in my head and she will actually respond out loud.
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