awaken someone from death

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awaken someone from death
Post # 1
FIRST, let me just say that I would never try such a spell (would be too afraid of doing it wrong and cause a horrible, unforgetable accident), so I'm only asking because I want to know what limitations magick really has.

We all know that spells cant give you super powers, change your DNA or such things, right? So obviously, you can never become a vampire, a mermaid or some kind of superman.

What we also know, is that there exist a soul, and that it can leave, and return, to the body (astral projection).

If we assume that dead people are just body's whose soul has left, could it then be possible to do a spell to get the soul to return to the body - in other words, wake up a dead person?

once again; just curious. Never going to try it.
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Re: awaken someone from death
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sadly I don't think bringing someone back from the dead via a spell is ever going to be plausible. And what you are saying only works if you actually believe that there is a soul to start off with.

If someone has recently passed of known cause CPR can work, but with magic I don't think its possible.
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Re: awaken someone from death
Post # 3
Not to mention the soul is also a matter of belief. It is not simple a 'known.'
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Re: awaken someone from death
Post # 4

I get that you're not going to try it. Bodies decay. Souls don't. So it would only make sense that if, after we die, souls go to a new body because our previous ones have expired. If the person whom has passed on, has endured a horrible death, and have possibly lost a lot of blood, then the body is considered expiring at that time. If you somehow managed to call a soul back to the body, there wouldn't be enough time to get medical attention to that specific person, and the body would expire a second time. If a person has passed of old age or medical reasons, then the body has expired and cannot continue due to its continued failure.

After people do pass, they're more than likely sent to the morgue and examined with an autopsy, which is a way to figure out how the person passed. Organs are removed during this process, to determine cause of death. Even if you called the soul back to the body, the body wouldn't function anymore. So, no, you can't "wake up" a dead person, and for multiple reasons.

Hope this clears things up.

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Re: awaken someone from death
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
The living part of the soul is attached to the life force of the body. So when a body dies, the soul leaves with the life.It might be morbid but have you ever watched an animal or human die? If you ever get the chance pay attention to the eyes. You will literally see the "light" and life leave their eyes. It was the first time I ever glimpsed the soul and it left seconds after the breath stopped and the last exhale let go completely. And I've witnessed it on more than one occasion.

Theoretically, the only way to get a soul back into the body is to bring it back to life. Thankfully for us, modern medicine is already pretty good at this, utilizing CPR, adrenaline injections, and defibrillators. But at this point, the question is, does the same soul return?

Any magick done to force a spirit into a corpse to reanimate it is an old way of necromancy utilizing the body as the natural bridge to communicate or work with the person after death in the same manner that one would evoke a higher being (such as is in the old grimoire) into a circle using a sigil. It does not bring them back to life. It's just used as an anchor to bring the spirit closer to our world for the sake of better manifestation. This is the same mentality that causes the Vatican to preserve Saint bodies and distribute relics to all of their churches. Fact, nearly every Catholic church has a piece of a dead saint in it's altar. But they frown on magick >:)
Ancestor worship and honoring using the skulls of the deceased is still popular in South America and this is why the Day of the Dead in Mexico is filled with the image of skulls. They use the skull as a bridge for a maintained connection to their beloved dead. Although in modern times it's impossible to keep grandma's skull legally, we can utilize heirlooms, a snip of hair, or cremated remains for the same purpose.

Although I am not going to say that resurrection isn't possible through magick, many Catholic saints have done it and others in history and legend, it is highly unlikely and would need very specific conditions. The cause of death would be one of them. If you ever notice, stories of resurrection usually revolve around young people that die from disease. There is actually a woman that recently died of disease and came back to life on her own, no medical intervention. The disease died with her and the body kicked back on afterwards and she's perfectly healthy! It just happened last year with the Ebola outbreak in Africa.
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