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candle dream
Post # 1
I had a dream I saw a double action return to sender candle; black on top and red on the bottom, it was burning down really fast. They say a dream with a black candle is bad, but with this type of candle, could it be any different? I was also planning on doing that spell in a week. Could that mean a connection to what I was planning?
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Re: candle dream
Post # 2
It could be that it is on your mind. When you pay more attention to a dream, your subconscious starts trying to make sense of things. For example if you ever run across some text in a dream and try to read it with any effort, you may start pulling random words from your memory, resulting in gibberish. But if you end up not actively trying to read it and just let the dream flow, regardless of what it says or not, it will make sense within the dream.

You have been thinking about using a candle for something important to you. The concept of candle has been floating around your subconscious, and therefore has a greater chance of coming to the forefront. But if your hippocampus starts dredging an image related to the concept of candle, and the more conscious part of your dreaming mind starts trying to make a more direct understanding of the candle, your brain will try to assemble the concept into a more concrete thing within the dream. This may result in a combination of aspects of things which are candles, basically.

It's sort of bordering on lucid dreaming, in the sense of realizing you are dreaming.

On the other hand, if you believe it is meant to be symbolic, then maybe you are struggling with a black or red candle for your purposes. Maybe the colors have a meaningful correspondence to you. There are so many options to look into.

Dream dictionaries are not always absolute. Take them with a bit of scrutiny, and weigh what they say against your own intuition.
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