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Spells That Work
Post # 1
Hi, I joined a few days ago and was overlooking the spells. I just wanted to know what spells work and don't. For example, I already know transformation spells don't work. Can someone tell me about other spells? Like wishing, love, and money spells. Thanks for the help I really do appreciate it!
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Re: Spells That Work
Post # 2
I am interested in knowing why you think that transformation spells do not work? Maybe the definition of "transformation" is different for me and you but for transforming ones personality and melding into new environments better for change I have found that they do work. There are certain types of crystals with structures that are specific for aiding in transformation and changes.

I have found money spells and love spells work very well but be careful what you wish and be specific on all of them.

For instance in a money spell you will get the best results the more specific that you are. Requesting money in a specific way and for a specific something: a bill, an item, a specific journey or vacation, etc... Use visualization and ritual preparation.

Raising a circle properly with an altar and using crystals, herbs and candles seem to be the best, in any spell. Make the request with respect to all protocall and it will work.
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Post # 3
I cannot seem to get any flying spells right. Everytime I try them they just dont work. Could you recommend one?
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Re: Spells That Work
Post # 4
Flying spells are fake. They cannot work.
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Re: Spells That Work
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Using common sense when looking at these spells goes a long way. Transformation (turning into myth creatures) do not work. Flying spells, nor controlling elements are possible either. Wishing, money, and even some love spells are good. Though I have a problem in doing any love spell on a specific person, but bringing love to you is good. One thing though, understanding "how" they work is of most importance. This site has that information, too. Good luck!
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Re: Spells That Work
Post # 6
Just stop..u can't fly
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