protective charms?

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protective charms?
Post # 1
I am fairly new to the craft, but people tell me I'm fairly open with my chakras, especially my third eye/brow chakra or whatever you choose to call it, and that I should protect myself and my energy more. And I know I can't always believe people seeing how they worked at a store and may have just been wanting to spend my money, but just to be safe are there any protective charms or something I can make, since I have no money at the moment,that are actually very effective?
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Re: protective charms?
Post # 2
Also really anything, like meditation ideas, or spells that could help for protection would be helpful as well.
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Re: protective charms?
Post # 3
You can endow a charm or something if you please. But it is not necessary, if you don't believe it is.

You can also create your own ritual, ward, or whatever, or use one you like online.

There are plenty which simply revolve around visualization and the like.

One simple one, though others will hopefully chime in and give more ideas, is somewhat as follows:

Center yourself, clear your mind (meditate), and visualize as strongly as you can. Picture whatever color of light represents safety and protection, or purity (some say white, some blue, or green, pink, and so on -- it is really personal) in a circle beneath you.

Reject all negativity, ill will, everything "not good" from the circle around you.

Inside the circle exists only the positive, safety, and so on.

Focus on the imagery, and the fact that it is protection, safety, whatever special features you want it to have. Some suggest specifying that it will allow goodness, positivity, etc., to pass through to and from you, but will block all negativity.

Picture the circle beneath you grows around you in an enveloping sphere, or whatever shape you wish. The idea is to be totally surrounded.

It repels things you do not want inside, and allows the kinds of things you desire to pass through.

Center again as you come back to yourself.

Occasionally throughout the day, imagine (visualize) that you are surrounded by the light wall or sphere, at least occasionally.

Renew the "shield" whenever you wish.
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Re: protective charms?
Post # 4
Thanks, that helped alot, IV heard if that sort of thing before but no one has actually told me how to do it so very appreciated.
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Re: protective charms?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Spiritual Creatures.
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