Crystal Skull Spiritual

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Crystal Skull Spiritual
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Crystal Skull Spiritual Journey for Healing program.

It?s a spiritual journey in the form of tour. Spiritual travel in to real location in Puerto Rico USA and Bahamas, with spiritual people, real ancient crystal skulls and its adventure, esoteric, educational, healing and fun experience.

Crystal Skulls are ancient tools; some people even call them bio computers for healing, knowledge and communication. Depending on your own self spiritual vibration level they can get you as far as another dimensions or to another space and time location or can connect you to the higher powers for knowledge and healing. They were used s?ance ancient times in our present civilization or some people saying in the previous civilizations and even some people believe the original 13 crystal skulls came from other planets. There is a lot of information at these times available for you to learn about crystal skulls.

Crystal Skull Spiritual Journey for Healing program main idea is to establish connection via crystal skull between people, 4 elements, wild dolphins, oceans and all its life forms to balance your vibrations and help you to up grate to the higher spiritual level for health improvement, open your heart to fill the highest love vibrations and receive knowledge. It?s was never done before and Experience is totally unique in the content and environment this connection will be established.

Guardians of ancient, old and modern crystal skulls who are also healers, spiritual teachers with their own unique talents will be leading the group meditations, rituals and other spiritual services.

During the course off the trip you will have opportunity to swim with wild dolphins in the Caribbean sea and make a spiritual connection with them via crystal skulls.

You also will have opportunity to meditate with crystal skulls on the top of a sacred Taino mountain and deep in the cave in complete darkness to connect with Earth energy. You will be swimming in clear blue waterfalls, participating in ancient Taino petroglyph decoding project and much more.

You can view this video and learn about this spiritual trip here:
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Re: Crystal Skull Spiritual
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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