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Enoch magic
Post # 1
What is Enoch magic? And how does it connect to angels? I would like to learn Enoch magic, if anyone studies it, can you help me begin or send me websites please.
Blessed be.
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Re: Enoch magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I believe you are asking about Enochian Magic which is one form of ceremonial magic. You can find a great deal of information about it at

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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 3
Try looking for anything under edwerd talb (kelly) and john dee. They theorized that there was an etheric layer of angels that coenside in our world. I think they also made the enochian alphabet.
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Re: Enoch magic
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Enochian magic is directly related to the magic and language of Angels. John Dee and Edward Kelly did many experiments and recorded teachings from angels. In these were the practice of Enochian magic. It is a very complex system. the invocation of angelic beings and the traveling through the aethers is not something you want to try as a beginner. As has been posted in other threads if you have to ask how to do it you're not ready yet. I would recommend starting with the basics, working on them and developing your practice. Once you have some experience then maybe give Enochian a shot.
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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 5
I agree with Tiredofgaggs, Enochian Magic is certainly not for beginners. I personally have used it in the past, once before I was ready and again when I was more ready, but not perfectly so; I have a tendency to be stubborn.

This being said, I do believe mystery to be the enemy of truth and must at last put down some book titles I would recommend. I do recommend you have a basic knowledge of magic, preferably ritual magic, before undertaking Enochian magic. But I feel that if you are looking into something, you might as well be pointed in a good direction.

Enochian Vision Magic- Lon Milo DuQuette- I personally think this is the best introductory book out there, and it is entirely practical in nature.

Enochian Magic in Theory- Frater Yechidah.

Practical Angel Magic of Dr John Dee's Enochian Tables- Stephen Skinner.

Liber Chanokh- Aleister Crowley.

The Complete Golden Dawn- Israel Regardie.

A personal note:

Enochian angels are not your average type of angel. The word angel really should be understood as messenger and not as some description of loving 'white light' spirit. It is my experience, and the experiences of some people I know, that Enochian angels can be rather chaotic at times. Hence one of the reasons why it is not for beginners.
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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 6

It's probably really helpful to find the books of Enoch, you can find them in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which has the book of Giants and Jasher as well. Which are all about fallen angels before the flood.

Enoch was the son of Cain and one of two human's that went on to become an archangel. Actually Enoch was the scribe of God, and is widely known as Metatron.

You can buy a copy of The Dead Sea Scrolls which has all of those books in them at Barnes and Nobles. They don't have Enochian sigils in them, but it tells the stories.

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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 7
Th book of Enoch has nothing to do with what has become known as Enochian magic i.e. the work of John Dee and Edward Kelley.
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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 8

I understand that but if you don't know who Enoch was.. is.. Can you grasp the magnitude of Enochian magic? The question was how does Enoch magic connect to Angels. If you don't know that Enoch is actually the scribe of God and one of the 10 Sephiroth it just seems to me that is just some bad juju.

I don't know about everyone else but I try to understand everything I can about something if I am going to try to harness magic from it. Especially the magnitude of "enochian magic", The Sephiroth and the Kabbalah.

I just finished "The three books of Occult philosophy" that was written by Heny Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim in 1531, this was it's 14th printing that's completely annotated with modern Commentary from 2013. It is almost 900 pages and does include the how to's on many different things, Kabbalah how tos with the different sigils and necromancy, alchemy, geomancy, divination, astrology..

Agrippa states "It is neccessary that every magician know that very God, which is the First Cause, creator of all things: and also the other gods, or divine powers (which we call the second causes), and not to be ignorant, with what adoration, reverence, holy rites comformable to the condition of everyone, they are to be worshipped." so I take that to be ..but If I hadn't had a fundamental understanding about the Angel Lore that came from the books like the books of Enoch, book of Giants, Jasher, Jubliees etc... I wouldn't have a clue as to what I would be getting into.

But I would rather spend a few years reseraching and studying before I practice anything. That's just me though.

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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 9
You do realise Enochian Magic is a term given to the magical system created by Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley, specifically the latter part of their system which is aimed at visionary experiences with angels. It is not derived from the prophet Enoch, it is given the term Enochian magic because it is designed to grant visions like Enoch actually had.

Judging from a previous post made by the original poster, they meant Enochian magic.


Enoch is not a sephiroth, that is just not true. If you believe the myth/philosophical thought that Enoch became Metatron then fair enough, he is the Archangel assigned to the first sephirah, but that sephirah is called Kether.


Agrippa was writing before John Dee, and John Dee's work has absolutely nothing to do with the Book of Enoch. In fact English scholars would not have been able to read the book of Enoch until the mid 19th century as that is when it was first published in English- meaning it was not readily available to folk like John Dee.

"It should be emphasized that nothing in Enochian magic, whether of Dee, Crowley, or anyone else has the slightest connection with the content, purpose, and meaning of the book of Enoch"

--That is from R.A. Gilbert's introduction to his edition of the book of Enoch.
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Re: Enoch magic
Post # 10
Lark had the best advice imo. Read the source material, you will quickly realize how complicated Enochian magick is. It's one of the more confusing branches of the occult, I didn't have a taste for it personally.
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