Spells to stop periods?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Spells to stop periods?

Spells to stop periods?
Post # 1
Hello everyone, I joined here a while ago and I find the spells interesting but I don't know if they are all real or not. Do people just make some of them up or get them from actual spell books?

I would really love to know if there is a spell or any other method whether supernatural or not to stop having periods? I am not talking about making them lighter or easing the pain but I mean to cease the blood. This is a genuine question so I dont need comments like bear with what you have please because I honestly cannot and I can't take contraceptive method all my life so I am this close to having a hysterectomy if there are no other options.
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Re: Spells to stop periods?
Post # 2

Magick is not a cure-all. It is an aid; a boost. I'm sorry, we aren't doctors, so we can't help that much.

Theremight be natural remedies to help reduce the weight of it, like moderate exercise and drinking a lot of water. Alcohol is to be avoided as well, as it dehydrates your body and causes periods to be heavier.

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Re: Spells to stop periods?
Post # 3

But my point being, consult doctors to see what they have to say. I do hope you'll get better.

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Re: Spells to stop periods?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Seems to me that what you really want is to stop any risk of pregnancy. Magic cannot do that. And a hysterectomy is a bit drastic as a contraceptive;but it would seem to be the only way you can get what you want.
However, we do it to cats and dogs, and they seem to thrive okay!
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Re: Spells to stop periods?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You don't want to mess up your body like that. It will cause drastic damage. There are hormone shots or pills to make them less frequent and help birth control, but only from a doctor. I know they can be shortened to one every 3 months with this method. But go to doctor, as you need prescription.
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Re: Spells to stop periods?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

To answer your first question first, perhaps the majority of the spells on this site will not work. And if you are not already trained and practiced in spellwork it is unlikely that any spells you cast are going to work.

It isn't necessary to get a spell from a spellbook to make it work. All spells were created by someone at some time. Many of us who have been doing this for some time always make up our own spells. Such spells can be better than ones found in a book or on the net because they are specific to you and your situation.

No spell is going to completely stop your periods from happening or even modify them a bit. Magic does not work that way. Magic is no going to alter your DNA and your DNA states that, as a woman, you are going to have a period.

As all of the others have said, this is something you should be discussing with your physician. A hysterectomy seems like a rather drastic option in this case and many physicians are reluctant to do that procedure if the individual is young, unmarried, and has no children of their own. But perhaps you need to discuss at length with your doctor as to why menstrual blood is so abhorrent to you.

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Re: Spells to stop periods?
Post # 7
That's ok thanks anyways. I have no association with pregnancy since I am not a sexual person. I already took all the forms of medications that doctors prescribed but I am not even supposed to take it all the way until it stops (menopause) I have no other option but hysterectomy which the doctor is already willing to do but I was just desperate to find an alternative solution.
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