Christianity and magic!!

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Christianity and magic!!
Post # 1
I am an Orthodox Christian. In Bible and not only there, it is reported that magic, witchcraft, spells etc, are a deathly sin and anyone who cast them, is working with Satan and as you understand he/she will end up in Hell, after it's death.

Everything in there, that has to do with magic, spirits etc, is reported to end up in hell if you try them! How could witchcraft be a sin and how could you work with Satan through that?

My heart will always belong to God, really, but I will cast witchcraft and magic (same thing write?) in my life. But does this mean I will go to hell?

Also, I want to be a demonologist/spiritualist when I grow up. I want to work with demons and angels and all these invisible creatures to us. Will I end up in Hell?? It's my dream, I really can't get away with it!!

I would aprreciate it if you answered...

Re: Christianity and magic!!
Post # 2
But I am sure. Thank you so much for your answer..

Re: Christianity and magic!!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Where did you see that it is a deathly sin? Magic is used all through the Bible. They want you to stay away from "evil", whatever that may be. The translations of certain words can be misleading. One may say witch, while another says sorcerer. It all comes down to your morals. But actually, love is the law. Love means the caring of people and life and the whole earth. People, being as they are, want detailed instructions. But if they were to only get it, this world would be a better place. Just be a good person who does the best you can, and be thankful and forgiving. No one said you have to love what others do...

Re: Christianity and magic!!
Post # 4
Paganism pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years. Most Christian church rituals and masses are modeled on Wiccan rites. If you are really afraid of going to hell because you do magic, then stay true to your own convictions and don't cast spells. If you want to become a demonologist, then see if your religion has a specialty area of it that you can study. You don't have to be a "witch" to study the occult world. Above all, to thine own self be true.

Re: Christianity and magic!!
Post # 5
THanks both!

But for the last answer I can't avoid it. I want to cast spells, rituals when I grow up. It's a like a have an unbreakable bond to it!!

And probably I won't go to hell. I could talk to my guidances or to my higher self and see what I can do,

Re: Christianity and magic!!
Post # 6
Misty, Christianity is 2000 years older than Wicca! Wicca is a religion founded by Gerald Gardner during the mid 20th century!

Re: Christianity and magic!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

This has already been discussed at grreat length in the thread at

I suggest you read through that thread for answers rather than starting another identical one.

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