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Multiple Messages
Post # 1

I just recieved a mail from someone who asked how to contact Slenderman. Someone in chatter said they got the same message, and about two other people said they got the same message as well.

For members who are looking for an answer, it really gets on a lot of people's nerves to contact more than one person and to get more than one answer, specifically because you didn't get the answer you wanted to hear. I'm not talking specifically on this fluffy subject.

I'm also talking to the members who think it's okay to ask someone for a reading, but then once they recieve their answer, they go to another person for another reading, and repeat the process. It's not just furstrating to those who are willing and able to give you a reading, but it's also offensive.

So please, try not to do this.

This has been Zeusy's Public Service Announcement.

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Re: Multiple Messages
Post # 2

I'm one of those members who recieved a message from one member and when I read it, I couldn't refrain from shaking my head. It's more than a little annoying and it's a waste of time to read these messages, to be completely honest.

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Re: Multiple Messages
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I see that time to time, I just shove it off my shoulders. I don't really care, if they don't want to take my advice or teachings, I really can't say, "hey, your not allowed to ask someone else for help on the same topic," I actually prefer to see them ask someone else, to see if the other person can explain it better, or feed into or give them wrong information.

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Re: Multiple Messages
Post # 4
I have seen that happen for years. Asking the same question over and over searching for a different answer. Getting as many readings in a day as possible. (Which is one of the main reasons I no longer do readings here)

It can be frustrating but what can you do right
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