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Post # 1
do love spells even work ive tried some love spell and yes one of them did work and a whole lot of other spells i did work like money, beauty, luck,bad luck,and body spells but the love spells i dont know but im only using white love spells. And none of those worked. Im trying to use spells that reunite people with ex lover to get my ex lover back in my life and we did talk again after months but only once and i was having. Dreams about my ex saying that he loves me and Dreams about us talking and communicating and even one day I saw his name in the bathroom stall it's saying that my ex loves me just the way IM and today I was listening to music and I was going to switch the song but right after the music went off I know song came on singing about being with an ex again and I even remember having these weird like visions or sudden pauses and I with all this and see me and my ex one time I had one of these pauses and or visions about me in a hospital bed and my ex was crying by my side as if I was dead and then I had another vision about Me and him taking care of a baby. And these dreams and visions seem real and they feel real like I'm actually there but as well as good dreams and good signs I'm also having bad signs and bad dreams about me and him but less frequently. I don't know what's going on can somebody please help me and explain this to me thank you (PS I've also been having these sudden flashes of lights in the corner of My eye and I looked it up and they say that that's a sign that A love spell is working)
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Re: Help
Post # 2

I haven't ever heard of the flashing bit. There are a ton of other signs that show that your spell is working.

Most of the time, if it doesn't work, then it isn't meant to be. You're most likely dreaming about him and having visions because you were so close, and I think the loss of him/her being in your life is having a traumatizing effect, which is causing these dreams and visions.

If it's meant to be, it will be. But if it isn't, then it isn't.

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Re: Help
Post # 3
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Re: Help
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Wow! Heard of punctuation? Hard to read this. But I agree with Zeus. Your feelings are what are bringing on your dreams, I believe. If it's meant to be, it will.
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