Root chakra

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Forums -> General Info -> Root chakra

Root chakra
Post # 1
Wat happens exactly when root chakra is unbalanced?
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Re: Root chakra
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Root chakra
Post # 3
You don't feel as grounded and kind of unsupported
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Re: Root chakra
Post # 4
And you may not feel secure

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Re: Root chakra
By: / Novice
Post # 5
physically you might have achy legs and feet, emotionally you'll feel anxious, unconnected, unrationally fearful in matters of money, food and shelter. basically you won't feel 'grounded' and without a solid footing.

if you feel your root is unbalanced, or you just want to balance all your chakras, try wearing read, and/or doing various physical actives, and/or connecting with the earth [barefoot walks for example] go into your back yard [or park] and just lie on the grass and meditate, feel the ground beneath you and reflect on the earth. otherwise, look up chakra meditations.
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Re: Root chakra
Post # 6

The chakra's are the human bodys energy system. In part of when people say magick is either a hobby or a lifestyle chakra's are a large part of it. Day to day decisions you make can effect your chakra's and thus your magick can be less fluid and effective. A persons chakra's not only effect a persons ability in magick if they are closed or "gunky" for lack of a better term, your personal mindset can change as well.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, is red in color, its sanskrit name is Muladhara meaning root support,physical body associations are the Adrenal cortex, skeletal structure of the body, your teeth, large intestine, kidneys, and blood.
If you are fearful of something it can damage the chakra or cause it to close if open. You must realize you the fear is in your mind and not let it effect you.
An example of this happening is if someone is being made fun of or your uncomfortable around people. If you give in to the fear of the bully or just avoid people so you don't have to deal with it will cause damage to the root chakra. The root chakra is connected to the physical plane and its element is earth. If it is closed you will feel disconnected and as if you do not inhabit your body. You will feel nervous easily and unwelcome in new places.

The root chakra is about survival and making sure day to day needs are met. Making sure the body is healthy and well fed. A crucial part of opening this chakra is fulfilling the need to have somewhere to belong.
If the root chakra is closed you may feel tired and unmotivated, and you may not want to do much.

If you have a decent pair of headphones that you can tell which is the right ear and which is the left the following link may help if you listen to it while meditating.


Hope the info helps but long story short if your root chakra is unbalanced you may feel tired often, easily nervous around people and distrust others easy. Clean you will easily feel more confident in your choices.
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