body's element

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body's element
Post # 1
What element would the body be in out of the 5 as are body's mosly made of water but then we also have skin and bones so would it be water and earth or just 1
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Re: body's element
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Earth represents strength and the physical body, Air governs intellect and mental activity, Fire is intuition and understand, and Water represents the emotional level. Spirit is expressed through music, writing, and expressing one's individual self. As for applying it to the human body: Water; our blood, Air; our breath, Earth; our body, and Fire; our spirit.

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Re: body's element
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Remember that the elements are elemental energies. They are not referring to physical elements or compounds. The human body is up to 80% H2O, or physical water. That is not the elemental energy of water. If you wanted to relate the elemental energies to the physical body, remember that the only real part that is stiff and rigid is the skeletal system. The skin, organs, muscles and tissues are relatively soft, showing that they contain more water energy in them. Also remember that everything that is in physical existence has all four of the elemental energies in them in one form or another. Even something that is solid, like a table, has parts of water, air and fire in them, although the strongest and most common energy in it at that particular time would be earth. Those elemental energies are also present on the Astral (emotional), Mental and Causal levels as well as the physical. You could also consider the physical world earth, the Astral water, the Mental air and the Causal fire, but that would be a higher level of elemental classification.
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Re: body's element
By: / Novice
Post # 4
different regions have a different list of elements. the common list is air, fire, water, earth and spirit, but there is also wood, metal, chaos and others. anyway, in answer to your question, we are all the elements, one specific element. each element has pros and we can learn from each. try to find a balance with all the elements.
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