Spell against addiction

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Spell against addiction
Post # 1
Hi, I've never done any magic or spells before, but wondering if there is anything that would help my husband to see a light at the end of a tunnel now.
We've been together for 3 years and I am pregnant now and due in a couple of weeks. 2 months ago my husband got into very big trouble while with a wrong people and he is looking at a jail sentence. We had a talk about when he was crying his heart out saying that he have messed my and kids lives up, he will never forgive himself for leaving me to struggle on my own with kids and bills and that he want me to leave him, that he deserves to be hurt and punished. I made it clear that no matter what happens I will be here for him, he said I should not waste my life with him and left. It's been a month since... He came home about 4 times looking terrible- he is excessively taking drugs, lost a lot of weight, have not showered or had a shave or haircut. Every time he comes he is begging me to hate him and stop telling him I love him, that he doesn't deserve to be loved. He is going to jail in about a month, I want him home for that month so we can rebuild what we had, I will reassure him that I will wait. Also so he can be here for our baby to be born and for our another 2 kids before he have to go away. Please, someone help me, I am begging anyone who can help x
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Re: Spell against addiction
Post # 2
Sounds like a bad situation. However as far as he goes with his addiction problems, one thing I would recommend to help along the road of recovery is getting a nice piece of amethyst crystal. You can find it easily in crystal shops and online. Can get a simple cheap tumbled stone or something like a cluster, any kind of amethyst will be fine. I'm not going to go through the entire process, but you will want to cleanse, charge, and program the amethyst with the intention of fighting his addiction. Amethyst has long been used for many things, one of them being used to help fight addiction. If he is committed to getting better than it should help you along the way. Just research and look up 'How to cleanse a crystal', 'How to charge a crystal', and 'How to program a crystal' if you decide to try it.

I'm sure you will find many more ways to help with your problem, this is only one I know if that I've seen help some of the people I love, it's not exactly a 'spell' but all I can think of at the moment. I hope things get better for you dear!
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Re: Spell against addiction
Post # 3
Pray to the goddess that all will be fine. You have my blessings and I will pray for you
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