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Loves spell
Post # 1
Please i need help. I am really i need of a love spell to bring my ex back. I did a love spell before and ive been having dreams about him and his name and stuff that reminds me of him is everywhere i go and recently i prayed to Aphrodite and i saw his name imedetly after the prayer and i saw him too at the mall. In one of my dreams i saw him staring at me and that was what happend at the mall to but i dont know whats happening why is it taking so long and i really really need a reconclie love spell that really works

*******anyone who believes that love spells are cruel should NOT comment*****
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Re: Loves spell
Post # 2
Why do you need that type of love which needs spells to develop?,sometimes universe has much better plans for us..ive went through this mess...i was in a relationship with a guy who whom I used to love alot but he never loved me,I waited for him for about 2 years and these 2 years i always used to ask this question to the universe that why I'm i apart from him if i love him this much?,,recently his true face was revealed in front of me and i did thanked this universe for drifting me apart from him..

Eventually all of us get what we deserve,this universe is never unfair with anyone maybe you deserve a much better person:)

And even if you still want to cast spells i think you should try Honey jar doesn't takes the free will away,,more over if you ex has feelings for you they will enhance and if he doesn't the spell won't work...and i dont think you should strive for a man who doesn't cares anymore about your feelings..find a man who'll treat you right and the one who'll make you grow:)
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