What are familiars???

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> What are familiars???

What are familiars???
Post # 1
What exactly, these famous familiars are? Are creaures or your pets that only you can see themm and protects you and helps you? Also, do they talk? Plese help me.
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Re: What are familiars???
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Familiars are non-corporeal entities that are created by the magic user, consciously or not, and are generally anchored onto a being (cats, toads, dogs, etc.) They can help teach, guide, and with any magic you have in the works. They communicate as many spirits do, you will recieve the information they give to you, if you are perceptive, though it won't always be in the way you might expect. This the European idea of it. Some will say that spirit animals from Native American paths are similair, I am hardly an expert and will neither confirm nor deny that. Others say it the animal itself, but I don't see that as working into the original idea of it and therefore it wouldn't be a familiar, but the same as if you worked with someone else.

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Re: What are familiars???
Post # 3
Right around the time I started studying wiccan, my husband oicked out a dog at the pound. He is a medium. This dog will not leave my side. She cuddles like no other dog I have ever seen, she is very protective. I am partially deaf, she lets me know when someone is outside, when the dryer or washer di gs, its amazing what this dog has done for me. Yes, intotally believe in familiars.
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Re: What are familiars???
Post # 4
Familiar is short hand for familiar spirit, so essentially a familiar is a spirit that you are familiar with that works with you, usually regarding magic.

They aren't pets or physical animals or anything like that. That kind of stuff comes from pop culture, though it is influenced by some records which described familiars as being vivid and seemingly solid as opposed to the descriptions of ghosts as smokey or faint. Those were still spirits rather than actual animals or possessed animals. They can also take humanoid forms. So it all depends on the being.

The story above sounds like a really good dog, possibly one that's had prior training, but not a familiar.
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